Spartan Love: Shannon & Erik

Spartan Love: Shannon & Erik
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In a series, Spartan couples share their stories and give upcoming Valentine's Day a grit-sharpened edge. Our second story comes from Shannon Scott:

When Erik and I first hung out in June of 2016, it was to be running buddies.  He had been running Spartan Races with his brother and quickly starting pushing for me to run one.  He loves sharing his passion for Spartan races with everyone.  I knew I wanted to try a race but I was also nervous.  I agreed to run a Spartan Sprint with him in Palmerton, PA on July 18, 2016.  He was already scheduled to run the Super with his brother but willingly signed up for the Sprint the next day for me.

After my first race I was hooked on him and Spartans.  We started dating seriously and we ended up signing up for two more races together that season. Erik did a triple trifecta in 2016 and I quickly became jealous and decided I needed one in 2017!   

Spartan Races have become our passion, travel excuse, weekend getaways, and quality time together.  On September 9, 2017 after our eighth race for the 2017 season I crossed the finish line to not just collect just a medal, Erik (Editor's note: Not unlike Joshua Fiore's move after winning a championship in Iceland ) got down on one knee and proposed at the end of the race.

Fittingly, it was moments after leaping over a pit of fire that Erik proposed to Shannon.

We finished our season and completed our triple trifecta as an engaged couple in Spartanburg, SC.  So far we have done 12 Spartan races together.  Each race we hold hands over the fire jump together as the perfect team.

Spartan Races have taught us how to work together to get through any obstacle both on the course and in life.  They have taught us how to love and appreciate each other’s strength and weaknesses, to be a source of comfort and encouragement when face difficulties, and a great way to keep us motivated and fit.  We love Spartan Races!!  

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