Spartan Power Rankings August: New Names, Leaders, The Best in OCR

Spartan Power Rankings August: New Names, Leaders, The Best in OCR

Every month for the past two years, Spartan Pro Kevin Donoghue — a long-time competitor with more than 177 combined podium appearances and 127 Age Group victories — has created SpartanPower Rankings based on recent competitions. In the process, he's also ruffled a lot feathers (and he's not sorry).

In the process, he's also ruffled a lot feathers (and he's not sorry). 

In 2023, the Spartan Power Rankings highlight the accomplishments, battles, and age-old rivalries of Spartan's hometown heroes: the Age Groupers!

The August 2023 Spartan Age-Group Power Rankings

*Updated through June events*

Some impressive jumps, a just as impressive fall, and parity highlight this month’s Age Group Power Rankings!  

Five AG's tied with three overall victories a piece, and some new faces made their presences known. We are at the season’s halfway point, and it keeps getting more intense!

No. 10 -- 55-59 Breakfast Clubbers

I think this Brat Pack was off attending too many weddings and high school graduations this month because they didn't show up once in the Top 10 for the month of June. Hopefully we see them making up races in Spartan summer school in August! 

No. 9 -- 14-17 Tic Tok-ers

After massive amounts of selfies at post-graduation parties (allegedly), our youngest Spartans dropped one place.  The Crocs & Socks generation did earn two Top 10 appearances thanks to solid performances by Audrey Ginn and Jaleesa Himka.

No. 8 -- 60+ Brady Bunchers

Look out! Pull up your bell bottoms because they loaded up the station wagon with two Top 10 appearances of their own!  They narrowly moved ahead of the Tik Tokers with a higher average placement (5.5 to 6), giving the Brady Bunchers another happy ending!

No. 7 -- 18-25 Incredibles

Mallory Phillips led this rising generation of Spartans with their only overall victory, at the Colorado Super!  Collectively they achieved six Top 10 placements in June.

No. 6 -- 50-54 Top Guns

The Top Guns hit the turbo-boost button and jumped the Incredibles into 6th place with 12 Top 10s. Kelly Schiavone led the way with a solid performance at the Tri-State Sprint.

No. 5 -- 25-29 Avengers

Last month they quantum-leaped from 6th to 2nd. This month they crashed back down to Earth. Though they were in a five-way tie with three overall wins, they just didn't have enough rocket fuel to keep up this month. But don't tell that to Stephanie Frye, D'Artagnan Kilgore, and Eric Temple, all of whom earned overall victories.

No. 4 -- 45-49 Saved By The Bells

Jeff "I dropped the" Boomhower rolled into the Sunday Tri-State Sprint like AC Slater when Bayside plays Valley. But Tara Pipia earned a free burger at THE MAXX with two overall victories in Monterey!  Thanks to their efforts, the 45-49 AG narrowly edged out the Avengers by a miniscule .4 average placement.

No. 3 -- 30-39 Hogwarts

This team conjured up 23 Top 10s and three overall victories. They were led by Seth Baumiller and Taylor Febus.

No. 2 -- 40-44 Baywatchers

Damian Bartosiewicz led a charge that would have made Mitch Buchanan shave his chest. They took the top four spots (five on the day) at the Cincinnati Beast. And "Fast" Eddie Sanchez decided they needed to match that effort, leading this AG to five more Top 10s at the Monterey Super! Collectively they earned 34 overall Top 10s and three overall victories.

Drum roll please ….

No. 1 -- 35-39 Power Rangers

This already powerful group got even stronger in June. Joined by Spartan legend Kelly Sullivan at the Tri-State Sprint, they proceeded to take home 39 Top 10s and three overall victories.  One of which was the before-mentioned Kelly Sullivan. 

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