Spartan Power Rankings: A New Number-One Age Group Dominates April

Spartan Power Rankings: A New Number-One Age Group Dominates April


Every month for the past two years, Spartan Pro Kevin Donoghue — a long-time Pro with more than 177 combined podium appearances and 127 Age Group victories to his name — has selected the top-10 male and female North American Elite Spartan racers for the Power Rankings based on recent accomplishments, results, and overall race resumes. In the process, he's also ruffled a lot feathers (and he's not sorry).

But over the past few seasons, something became very evident. The action, competition, and stories that unfold across the Age Group divisions every weekend are not only fascinating, but abundant. 

In 2023, the Spartan Power Rankings will be dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments, newly born battles, and age-old rivalries of Spartan's hometown heroes: the Age Groupers!

After a wild, fast month of April, we have a new number-one group on the leaderboard, and rank changes like crazy. So, which Age Group earned the most spots? Which Age Group had the highest placement average? And which Age Group do you think dominated?

To learn more about how Kevin scores and makes his picks, read up on the official criteria here. Have a gripe with one of Kevin's picks? Bury it deep inside and let it fuel your 2023 training.

Let the debate begin!

The April 2023 Spartan Age Group Power Rankings

10) 60+ (Brady Bunchers)

It truly doesn't matter where it is in the country, the Brady Bunchers pile on the bus, crush the course, and cross Spartan finish lines! Judith Monteith, Mark Giblin, Robert West, Cheryl la Force, Judith Moore, and Robert Ryan all came out and conquered in this hard-as-nails Age Group around the country all April long. 

9) 14-17 (TikTokers)

As the 2023 race schedules pick up, so does the pace for our youngest AG. The only thing they shared more than stories on social media were finish-line photos and lots of muddy smiles! Charity Borne came out strong at the Baylor Stadion, and earned the only 14-17 top-10 spot for April with a magnificent third overall effort.

8) 55-59 (Breakfast Clubbers)

The 80s Pop tunes must have been blasting on the courses this month. Throw a fist up, because you are all out of detention! The 55-59 cracked the top-10 barrier not once but twice, thanks to Denise Brady in San Diego and Robin Fontaine's second overall performance at the brutal Tri-State New Jersey Super!

7) 18-24 (Incredibles)

This group bounced back after a less-than-incredible March to score nine top-10 finishes, with four ladies — led by Reagan Appleby — snagging impressive finishes at the Sunday San Diego Sprint alone! 

6) 25- 29 (Avengers)

Thor and Captain Marvel must have been competing in a far-off galaxy, because here on Earth the Avengers slipped from fourth in March to sixth this April. Lucky for them, Kate Frump scored this Age Group's first overall 2023 win at San Diego, while Chris Barta and Summer Bingaman both earned strong seconds in Concord, North Carolina and Palm Beaches, Florida respectively.

5) 50-55 (Top Guns)

They are still dangerous! The Top Guns jumped from seventh in March to fifth in April after 13 precision top-ten hits! All across the country, this group landed on the leaderboard. Shawn Masur, Tara Ciapia, Kathy Stewart, and Russell Thiem all contributed, but Daniel Ludwig and Kenneth Kessler did it twice!

4) 45-49 (Saved By The Bells)

My Saved By The Bells also made a nice step up from fifth in March! We had a total of 24 top-10 finishes led by Lorraine Ensana, who earned three astonishing appearances by herself.

3) 30-34 (Hogwarts)

Hanging on tight to that third-place broomstick, this magical Age Group managed to grab 28 top-10 placements and five overall victories to put in their cauldron!  Danny Battle, Blake Jenkins, Taylor Febus (both days in NJ!), and Alex Hagen-Weis all share the honors. Brilliant!

2) 35-39 (Power Rangers)

It happened in April: Like the TV series, this AG was dealt a massive blow. Although they were knocked down from first after a four-month reign at the top, this Age Group still appeared 33 times in the top 10, and had four overall wins (thanks to Serena Simeoli, Hannibal Smith, and two by Imogen Cross in Concord, NC).

1) 40-44 (Baywatchers)

Like an El Niño swell hitting the West Coast, the Baywatchers crashed into April with a force. We have a new number one! Forty of a possible 160 top-10 spots were rescued by this Age Group, along with five overall victories led by Jereme Wilner, Chris Haggerty, Michael Clift, Heidi Moore, and Christi Acosta!

Collectively, the combination of Age Groups within the 40-49 range garnered 64 top-10 spots, compared to the 61 that the 30-39 Age Group range earned. This is a huge shift! Is it that the 40-year-olds are starting to just get warmed up? Can the 30-somethings bounce back? The month of May will tell us more, so check back in early June to see how your favorites are stacking up!


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