How the RD PRO, Our Unbreakable Shoe, Helps Spartans Overcome Major Obstacles

How the RD PRO, Our Unbreakable Shoe, Helps Spartans Overcome Major Obstacles
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If there's a shoe that's made for this current climate — a pandemic, a social justice movement, massive unrest — it's the RD PRO. We couldn't be facing more obstacles right now, so we need a determined mindset — and the ironclad armor that goes along with it. These are shoes that have withstood quite a lot since we launched them about a year ago: Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena himself has run 50 miles on the trails in them and even crushed them with his backhoe, and they passed both of those tests without breaking.

That's because they're built to be unbreakable: Spartan teamed up with CRAFT, a Swedish company and global leader in high-performance gear, to make the first-ever OCR-specific shoe. They were created specifically to help racers handle the rough terrain of courses and propel them through obstacles. RD PROs are engineered with Hydrain Technology so they drain exceptionally better than regular shoes. (No soggy feet!) They're built to give you superior stability and traction when you're climbing, and they've got a speed lace closure system and special cushioning to support you through each stride to the finish line.

But maybe most importantly, these puppies are built to last — so much so that they're backed by a one-year warranty because we believe they are virtually unbreakable. Oh, and because everyone needs to breathe new life into their gear right now, we're releasing four bold new colors for summer. In the spirit of our Spartan community facing obstacles head-on, we rounded up stories of how RD PROs have helped some of our racers and pros reach new heights.

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How the RD PRO Shoe Has Helped Spartans Overcome Even More Obstacles

"On my first run with the RD PROs I took them to the most technical terrain I could find here in Minnesota. Not only did the shoe feel great, but they responded perfectly to the technical and muddy terrain. So much so that I set a few Strava course records and had one of my better runs in weeks! Easy to love a shoe that fits well and you feel fast in!" - Kirk DeWindt, owner of KDPT, personal trainer

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"I used my RD PROs at the Arizona event in February, and had better traction on the trails and better timing!" - Gilbert Vargas, former Operations Specialist in the U.S. Navy, Spartan racer

"I’ve accomplished being able to run again this year in these. I also have logged over 150+ miles with them and just now am getting a tear in them. They have been great to get used to." - Jeremy Roberson, Spartan racer

"During the Palmerton Super, I got halfway to the race and realized I had left my race shoes. I jumped out of the car, ran to the gear booth and picked up the Red RD Pro. I ran a clean race with a PR on the course. No issue with grip, or protection from terrain. Ready to wear straight from the box!" - Jason Silva, Spartan coach and certified trainer

"The RD Pro will help me run faster while speeding through all terrain and help me achieve more Trifectas. My goal is to continue my yearly Trifecta streak."Antonio Quinones, Spartan ambassador 

As we continue to gear up for races, we've released a few new bold colors for the RD PRO. Pick them up, check out the schedule to sign up, and race safe with us!

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