Morit Summers Found a New Training Purpose Through Spartan Race

Morit Summers Found a New Training Purpose Through Spartan Race
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In honor of International Women’s Day, we will be sharing real Spartan women’s inspiring stories of living like a Spartan. In this edition of Spartan Women, we meet Morit Summers, who shares her emotional, personal story.

Morit Summers has always struggled with her weight and, as a result, her self-image. It's what led the Brooklynite to join a gym at 14 years old. Then, to go to college for exercise science and kinesiology to become a trainer and help others who were also fighting the same battle.

For a while, Summers associated her success in the gym with her weight. So when she gained 40 pounds from "living my life for someone else," she hit rock bottom. Her desire to lose weight was merely so she could fit in, she admitted. That is until she met her Spartan team her family.

"I finally shed the negative people in my life and found people that helped me feel confident and stay motivated,” says Summers “Knowing that you’re surrounded by like-minded, non-judgmental  people is incredibly important when you’re trying to live a healthy life.”

With a new, healthier approach to her training goals, Summer's professional training style also changed dramatically. Instead of focusing on weight loss, she began to teach her clients the importance of strength and longevity.

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A Simple Sign-Up Means You'll Succeed

Ironically, Summers hates to run. But over eight years ago, she noticed Spartan and liked the idea of adding obstacles to mix up the course. She thought, why not give it a try?

“I was trying to keep up with my coworkers, trying to prove I could do something even though I have never been so scared in my life,” says Summers. “What I found was that I was truly terrified before the race, completely defeated during, and so proud afterward.”

Her Spartan friend, Francine, has been integral to Summers’ successes. Francine would stop with Summers when she couldn’t breathe, would let her cry, and helped her realize she could keep going.

“Each time we went back for the next race, we would be stronger than before,” says Summers. “So while I still hate running, I’m able to push harder each year. And each year, I’m a little less defeated and more proud when I cross the finish line.”

Why Training for Spartan is Different From the Rest

To Summers, Spartan is more than just an obstacle race it’s a goal that keeps her mind off of weight loss and on her training.

“In training for a Spartan Race, you will need to work on all of the same things someone would work on to lose weight, but you get to put your hard work into action,” says Summers. “Losing weight, while sometimes necessary, is also just a target that we all think we need to hit. Instead, working towards being able to complete something or getting better at something can be incredibly rewarding.”

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Spartan Training Tips from the Pro

Summers says staying consistent and building good habits in training is key to success, especially when you hit your roadblocks, which are different for everyone.

“I still struggle with nutrition, but I try and keep myself educated about food, and eat to train to my best ability,” she says. “I told myself a while ago that I wanted to be my best self, and I keep telling myself that. Also, I try not to overthink anything. It’s really easy to get caught in the negative.”

Summers decided to take her Spartan racing to the next level and train for her first competition, which she says has been an incredible experience so far.

“I’ve been able to share my journey and fears and help others feel more comfortable and confident about heading to their first race,” says Summers. “Our team has become an amazing community of women, who are all supporting and cheering each other on.”

Normally, Summers doesn’t work on Sundays, but she began holding Spartan group training workouts on her off day.

“I’m actually so happy to be there," she says, "that I don’t care that I don’t have a day off. The energy is amazing.”

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