Master Mobility: 8 Essential Stretches

Master Mobility: 8 Essential Stretches
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Mobility is an integral part of warming-up and cooling down when exercising. In fact, the point of the warming up and cooling down is to make sure you're maximizing your overall mobility before, during and after the workout.

But you realize this is most imporant for real life, right? Like day to day, moment to moment? Existing as a physical body in space and time, being able to move and bend and maneauver is adventagious to maximizing your life.

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  1. If you don't bend, you will break.
  2. If you can't move, you can't get nowhere.

And, guess what? In short, withour races, we want you to get from point A to point B without injuring yourself. While moving through our courses, if you have a mistep (which you probably will) we'll want your flexible and agile body ready to move gracefully and freely throughout the unexpected motion.

Mobility is the elemental ingredient in achieving this.  It's incredibly Spartan. It's an artform and a passion. Since 2010 Spartan has been helping people to maximize their entire overall wellness and wellbeing with the practice of stretching.

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We stretch because flexibility is integral in mobility.

Here are 8 fundamental mobility movements to master. Learn them in pairs. Then learn to pair the pairs. Build these into your workouts. Build these into your day.

Don't worry if you can't do them fully. Do what you can, when you can. As move and bend as much as you can.

Don't worry if you keep failing at them. They aren't as easy as they look. Don't give up. That struggle is making you more mobile and flexible.

These moves will get you ready for your workout and help you recover from it. But most importantly, these will help you exercise towards being your most agile, nimble, active, and mobile human you can be.

And that's what matters most.

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