Legendary Triathlete Heather Gollnick on Her Training, Nutrition, and Recovery

Legendary Triathlete Heather Gollnick on Her Training, Nutrition, and Recovery
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We all want to know: What makes the best-of-the-best Spartan athletes out there tick? How do they keep their edge? In our Train Like A Champion series, we dig into the details of the training, nutrition, mindset, and more that keeps our most epic athletes on top.

Heather Gollnick (@athlete_heather_gollnick) had a legendary athletic career, but it's only a fraction of what makes her a champion. She’s also a business owner, mentor, coach, mother of three, and leader by nature. 

Over the course of her decade-long run as a professional triathlete, she’s won five Ironman titles, over 200 multisport events, and took the 2016 Spartan Masters World Championship. Her secret to success: a strong mind-body connection.

“If your mind believes you can do something, your body can follow,” she says. “There were always faster swimmers, bikers and runners but I could win an Ironman because my ‘mental game’ was so strong,” she adds.

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While still a competitor, Gollnick spends a lot more of her time guiding and grooming the next generation of champions as the Head Men’s and Women’s Triathlon Coach at Liberty University. And if that’s not enough, she reaches a myriad of athletes from across the country through her coaching business, Iron Edge Coaching based out of Lynchburg, Virginia. With a workload that heavy, Gollnick could be considered a master of the work, life, and train balance. 

Here, Gollnick shares her no-nonsense approach to training and nutrition, plus a recovery protocol for longevity. 

A Q&A With Spartan Heather Gollnick

SPARTAN: How did you get into OCR?

HEATHER GOLLNICK: I’ve been an athlete all my life, I was a college gymnast, then a professional triathlete for 10 years. After my triathlon career, I was missing sports and their competitive nature. The first time I tried OCR I was completely hooked. The community of people is great, and super friendly from those doing their first race to my friends in the elite wave. Everyone is cheering for each other, and even though we compete against each other we stay with one another at races. The OCR community as a whole is so different than any I have experienced as an athlete. I went from coaching triathlon through my company IronEdge, to now coaching both triathletes and OCR athletes, so you could say I’m “fully invested” in a myriad of ways in OCR now.

On Training

SR: How would you describe your training?

HG: Unfortunately I have had an injury for the last six weeks so the training I’m showing is more what I typically do, not exactly what I have been doing of late. I was doing a fire jump during a race and came down completely sideways and got an aversion fracture in my ankle. I was on a scooter for a few weeks, then in a boot for a few weeks but fortunately working at a University I have access to great athletic training facilities so I’ve been able to recover really quick using tools such as the anti-gravity treadmill and underwater treadmill.

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But what a typical week looks like: I tend to cross-train more than others, part of that being my triathlon background and partially for “sport longevity” being 50 next year.

SR: With all your experience what have you learned most about your body?

HG: You definitely have to take care of your body from eating well to various recovery methodologies but I’ve also learned that my body is strong and can do a lot of things. There is certainly a strong mind-body correlation. If your mind believes you can do something, your body can follow. 

On Nutrition

SR: What is your approach to nutrition?

HG: I have just recently started using ATAQ, a plant-based sports nutrition company. Eating healthy has always been important to me and has played a huge roll in my past athletic success. I really love their plant-based protein as well as their raw energy bars because they are healthy and taste great. I do believe in raw foods and I’m big on fruits and veggies but also believe everything in “moderation”. I LOVE dark chocolate.

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Break my bone, break my heart, but you can’t break me!! While many of my friends are training hard for the Spartan world championships (which I qualified for and took off work for) or Ironman World Champs I am waiting to hear how many weeks exactly (likely 4) before I can weight bear, then a walking boot for another few weeks, but hopefully some cross training like swimming and cycling at weeks 5 & 6! I have felt this sinking feeling before when my season was over before I was ready....before the championships! BUT I have conquered it then and I have faith I will now... Maintaining that positive attitude as best I can!! 💥What do you do to remain positive when you have set backs of any kind? Please, please share as I would love to hear them! 💡 💡 💡 #halfglassfull #Phillipians4:13

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On Recovery

SR: What does your recovery protocol look like?

HG: So for me as an older athlete I really try to listen to my body. I didn't always when I was younger. I know recovery is super important for athletes of all ages from stretching to foam rolling to ice baths after a hard workout to using awesome products like Venga CBD. CBD has gotten really popular in the last year or two and I find that it really does help my inflammation and recovery in general. I use the Venga CBD Gels and the Balm. The balm is topical and the gels are like a vitamin and help absorb the healing qualities internally. 

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I also find that taking rest days when I need them is important. Recovery for me also includes cross-training, so you will see in my training I incorporate swimming and biking which are both non-impact. Incorporating this has allowed me to be an athlete for a long time. I also enjoy incorporating weight training, making sure your muscles are all firing and balanced is key.

On Mental Strength

SR: How do you strengthen your mind to prepare for races?

HG: I actually wrote a book on the mental and emotional side of racing triathlon called triathleteEQ. As a past professional triathlete, I found one of my greatest strengths to be the “mental side” of sport and competition. There were always faster swimmers, bikers and runners but I could win an Ironman because my “mental game” was so strong. I have taken that mentality into the elite wave of OCR Racing. I think the mental side is huge, especially staying mentally strong after a failed obstacle and 30 burpees along with the inner belief that anything can happen after that.

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I am a happy woman with a grateful heart and sore legs this morning! This weekend of racing OCR Championships was the best of the year! 💥Look Mom....all three colors .... Gold, Silver and Bronze! Absolutely loved this mountain course filled with challenging obstacles! What a way to end my summer! Coaches and teachers are back to University full time today and my kids move into the dorms this week! (My own kids and my team). Thankful for the ability to race and the time to travel and see so many friends! Thank you all who cheered from home and from the course! The best part of going in the last wave is all the finishers cheering! @noramchamps #thankyou #praisehim #medalmonday

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SR: How do you push through tough days?

HG: I am very fortunate that I work at Liberty University. I’m the Head Men’s and Women’s Triathlon Coach and work in athletics. Fortunately, I am surrounded by positive, uplifting people on a daily basis. Liberty University is the largest Christian College in the World and being somewhere where faith is evident and present in everyday life helps in those tough times for sure. I also have an amazing husband and three great children (all who attend Liberty University) where we work.

*This interview with Heather Gollnick was lightly edited for clarity.

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