Your Unbreakable Day: Gary Vee and Joe De Sena Talk Business, Brands, and More

Your Unbreakable Day: Gary Vee and Joe De Sena Talk Business, Brands, and More
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Morning: Joe Chats With Gary Vee

Wake up, Spartans! Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena began his day (virtually) alongside entrepreneur/author/speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. They had a spirited conversation about business in the age of COVID-19, and touched on a myriad of other topics. For more Gary and Joe, check out this classic podcast from 2015.

Afternoon: Can David Magida 'Break' Joe?

Spartan pros have been attempting to "break" Joe, and David Magida was the latest to try to take him down. Watch David put Joe through the wringer, and click here to watch other Spartan pros challenge Joe.

Must-Listen: Carey Lohrenz, the First Female F-14 Tomcat Fighter

Carey Lohrenz was the first female F-14 Tomcat fighter. She broke the glass ceiling in the military, and is now breaking glass ceilings in corporate performance, applying her Navy training to the corporate world.

Spartan Rewind: The 2014 Boston Sprint

The latest edition of #SpartanRewind takes us to the 2014 Boston Sprint, held in Amesbury, Mass. Watch as Cody Moat and April Dee dominate the field. Plus, bonus footage shows how the Hurricane Heat was born.

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