The Central Florida Spartan Race Guide: The Course, Where to Stay, and More

The Central Florida Spartan Race Guide: The Course, Where to Stay, and More
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Welcome to Central Florida, the most family-friendly event weekend on the Spartan schedule. Just a few hours from both Miami and Spartan's new headquarters, Orlando, this Trifecta weekend at Sebring's Skipper Ranch has all of the sunshine, open skies, and marshy mud that racers of all ages could ever dream of. 

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Whether you're flying from out of state (or country), or taking a quick trip, this travel guide has you covered when it comes to preparing for your race weekend in the Sunshine State — from which races you and your entire Spartan family can compete in, to where to eat, stay, and find adventures after you cross the finish line. 

Your Ultimate Travel Guide to the Sebring, Florida Spartan Race Weekend

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The Nitty Gritty of the Sebring, Florida Course: Race Types, Terrain, Elevation Gain, and Weather

This December, the operating cow farm at Skipper Ranch will serve up courses that are flat, fast, and scenic, featuring plenty of well-trodden trails and even more mud — especially if it rains. Less than 20 miles from Florida's stunning Lake Placid, this Trifecta weekend features 5K Sprints, 10K Supers, 21K Beasts, a 4-hour Hurricane Heat, and — along with myriad Open Kids heats — the 2022 Kids World Championshiphosted by Visit Sebring.

Though fall will be nearing its end, Sebring stays warm — some Northerners may even say hot — all through December, with most days falling in the 75-degree range and lows sitting above 50 degrees. 

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These speedy courses offer incredible opportunities to set personal records for every distance. Not only is the altitude as close as it gets to sea level, but not even the Beast's elevation gain exceeds 1,000 feet. (And the Sprint comes in at just 216 feet of gain.) If you can hang on to your shoes through the farm's sloshy, muddy sections, you'll absolutely fly over the rest of the grassy, open fields. 

Not only will the marshland be teeming with Trifecta chasers, but the world's fastest, strongest, and grittiest kids will cover their own 3-mile World Championship course composed mostly of dirt, mud, grass, and even slight water crossings. The nine- to 14-year-old kids — who have qualified and earned their spot prior to this event — can expect to tackle more than 25 obstacles as they traverse the lush Championship course. Plus, there will be plenty of lightning-fast, non-championship courses for Spartan Kids, from a half-mile up to 2 miles. 

Places to Stay Near Sebring, Florida

Places to Eat Near Sebring, Florida

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Things to Do Near Sebring, Florida

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  • Explore Lake PlacidThis charming town is adorned with 50 outdoor murals and woven around 27 lakes. You can spend days exploring everything there is to do in Lake Placid, from farms, distilleries, and wineries to resorts, country clubs, and water sports complexes. 
  • Visit Sebring International RoadwayExplore everything that this historic, legendary track has to offer, including year-round activities and events (from car clubs to international races).
  • Secret Gardens Winery and Farm: Within spitting distance of Skipper Ranch, this family-friendly, countryside winery and farm offers wine, beer, juice, and soda along the old cracker trail — and it even has a dog-friendly patio. 
  • Highlands Hammock State Park: A state park with more rare and endemic plant and animal species than any other Floridian park (including Florida panthers, black bears, and alligators), Highlands Hammock is home to nine hiking trails, a 3-mile bike loop, plenty of old-growth oak trees, and the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum.
  • Go to Disney WorldNo explanation necessary. If you're visiting from out of state and have the time, Disney World and Orlando are just an hour-and-a-half drive away from Sebring — the perfect way to reward your badass kids.
  • Mine for Gems at the Lost Mines of Atlantis: This family-owned business offers mining packages that allow all ages to discover gems from across the world, including incredibly unique geodes.

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