The Top 5 Spartan Races to Cross Off Your Bucket List This Summer

The Top 5 Spartan Races to Cross Off Your Bucket List This Summer
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The sun is out, the days are long, and it’s time to start planning which Spartan races to sign up for this summer. But we won’t lie, there’s a pretty sweet selection to choose from.

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If you’re planning on pulling out all of the stops this season, then we might be able to help. Read on and we’ll point you in the direction of five of the top Spartan races to tick off your summer 2022 racing to-do list. 

These Are Some of the BEST Summer 2022 Spartan Races

Best Summer 2022 Spartan Races

Notre Dame Spartan Event Weekend (July 9)

If it’s good enough for the Fighting Irish, then the iconic Notre Dame Stadium in Indiana is sure as hell a great challenge for Spartan racers.

Plus, this is a perfect venue to kick off your summer racing! Built in 1930, the home field of the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team is a legendary part of America’s long and storied college football tradition. 

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Racing the 20+ challenging obstacles here, you’ll no doubt soak up the spirit of this unique stadium. And you’ll also get to stand in awe at the sheer grandeur of one of the most iconic features in college football: a massive mural over the doorway of the university library nicknamed “Touchdown Jesus” and fully visible above the football field’s north endzone.

This is the first-ever Spartan race at Notre Dame, so be a part of history and sign up for your spot at the start line now.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim Spartan Stadion Event Weekend (July 23)

Best Summer 2022 Spartan Races

Another seminal sporting stadium to tick off of your racing bucket list is Angel Stadium of Anaheim. The fourth-oldest major league ballpark in America, Angel Stadium has been the home of the Los Angeles Angels since it opened in 1966.  

But it’s not just baseball history that you’ll be basking in here as you hit the ground sweating for the 20+ Spartan obstacles: The NFL's Los Angeles Rams also called the famous ballpark home from 1980 to 1994, while several Hollywood movies were filmed in and outside of the stadium. 

Sign up for your own leading role in a Spartan race here

Hawaii Spartan Trifecta Weekend (August 20-21) 

Best Summer 2022 Spartan Races

Turn a Spartan race weekend into a family vacation by adding your name to the roll call of racers lining up for our incredible Trifecta weekend in Hawaii.

Kualoa Ranch on the Hawaiian island of Oahu is a breathtakingly beautiful spot complete with secluded beaches and secret valleys. And, if it looks a little familiar, that’s because you’ve probably seen it in box-office hits like Jurassic Park and Jumanji.

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But while there are no dinosaurs to fight off or life-or-death game moves to make, this Spartan weekend might still prove your greatest challenge this year. And not just because it’s home to the most insane ascent and descents of any Spartan race but also because if you complete the Trifecta (Sprint 5K, Super 10K, and Beast 21K or Ultra 50K) in just one weekend, you’ll qualify for the epic 2022 Trifecta World Championship in Sparta, Greece.

So, are you ready to roll the dice and unleash the excitement? Check out the array of epic activities available in the Honolulu area, and sign up for the Hawaii Spartan Trifecta Weekend.

Kelowna Spartan North American Championship Weekend (Aug. 27-28)

Best Summer 2022 Spartan Races

Spartan is continuing to make history this summer, and you can still be part of it if you join racers for the North American Championship in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. 

The first time in the event's seven-year history that the North American Championship will be held outside of the United States, the course at Kelowna promises to be one of the toughest yet.

Situated along the rugged peaks of Big White Mountain — the highest summit in the Okanagan Highland — the weekend event will feature an Ultra (50K, 60 obstacles), a Super (10K, 25 obstacles), and Kids races (1–3K, plus obstacles). 

However, it’ll be the Spartan Beast (21K, 30 obstacles) that will see the top pros of North America battle it out for the men’s and women’s titles.

Do you dare to be part of it? If so, sign up for the 2022 Kelowna Spartan North American Championship Weekend in Kelowna, British Columbia now.

West Virginia Spartan Trifecta Event Weekend (August 27-28)

Best Summer 2022 Spartan Races

If you can’t make it to Canada for Spartan’s 2022 North American Championships, don’t worry. There’s still a chance to make your summer count: Check in for the Trifecta Weekend at the awe-inspiring Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia (our seventh hardest U.S. course).

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Don’t be fooled by the beauty of these rolling hills and lush forest-land; This course will test the mettle of the toughest Spartan with its steep climbs, rushing rivers, and a huge suspension bridge to traverse before you reach the finish line. 

Of course, once you're there (and with the Trifecta ticked off your list), you’ll qualify to compete among equals at the 2022 Trifecta World Championship in Sparta, Greece.

So, what are you waiting for? Summer’s not going to wait for you. It's time to make this season one of your best yet.  

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