How to Balance Family With Spartan

How to Balance Family With Spartan
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Balancing work and family On this episode of Spartan Athlete, we talk with Mark & Natalie about what it takes to balance family life with kids while still having racing & training goals to meet. They reveal that they have to make the most of the free time they get, even when it's unexpected.


  • Make the most of & manage the time you have
  • Balance who races versus who is on sidelines for the day
  • Have a strategy of who performs best at what race type & support that strategy
  • Reduce stress by splitting the childcare load equally

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Host: Kevin Gillotti

Show Notes & Artwork: Kevin Gillotti

Producer: Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Videography: Madison McGahan, Mike Isabell, Alberto Campos

Editing: Heather Knox

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