This Is What Omari Hardwick Ate to Bulk Up for 'Army of the Dead'

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Omari Hardwick is a naturally gifted athlete. The actor starred in football, basketball, and baseball as a high school student in Georgia, and he was talented enough to earn a football scholarship to the University of Georgia, one of the premier football programs in the country. Fitness and athleticism have always been a priority for the 47-year-old, but he traded in his lean physique for a buff one for his role as Vanderohe in the recently released zombie heist film Army of the Dead.

The poet and rapper, who usually weighs in the neighborhood of 175-185, aspired to gain an extra 15 pounds for the role. (He wanted to look the part of a badass mercenary. He also didn't want to be overshadowed by his co-star, massive former professional wrestler and mixed martial artist Dave Bautista.)

To bulk up to 190-195 in relatively short order, Hardwick increased his caloric intake to match his rigorous training regimen. And as you can see in the film's trailer below, he accomplished his goal. 

How did he get there? The podcaster shared his diet plan with Men's Health magazine and, unsurprisingly, it featured large quantities of red meat, vegetables, and protein-packed snacks.

2 Steaks in One Sitting, 3 Apples, and Lots of Salt

How much red meat are we talking? Hardwick revealed that he often would have two steaks in one sitting, and would add a second patty to his burgers. In between meals, he stayed fueled with peanut butter, smoothies, and protein shakes. He also loaded up on salted snacks and fruit (lots of berries and as many as three apples a day). The former star of Starz's Power also acknowledged that he wasn't without his cheat meals, which usually meant indulging in some oatmeal raisin or peanut butter cookies.

Army of the Dead is currently streaming on Netflix. Directed by Zack Snyder — Snyder also directed 300, which of course we LOVE — the film also stars Ella Purnell, Ana de la Reguera, and Theo Rossi.

For Hardwick's full meal plan, plus some tips and footage from his training sessions, check out the video above.

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