3 Rules to Simplify Training, Recovery and Nutrition

3 Rules to Simplify Training, Recovery and Nutrition

You don't need some elaborate, complicated training and nutrition plan to see results. In fact, I try to simplify mine as much as possible because complex theories often result in confusion and inactivity. At Spartan, we encourage you to stay healthy by following these three simple rules: Move more, recover smarter, eat greener.

And you can start doing them TODAY.

Rule #1: Move More

Elaborate workout plans are great and you can certainly use them, but this rule is about immediate action and living a life with purpose every day. Instead of obsessing over a crazy workout plan, just focus on moving your body more.

If you can believe it, there was a time when humans didn't need to try to move more, they did it to survive. And there are certainly still places on earth where humans hunt, gather and build shelter to survive. But if you're living a common, sedentary, first-world life this is something you need to make a conscious decision to do. But it's simple.

Here are some hacks to help you move more:

- Push and pull your body any chance you have during the day. This doesn’t need to be at the gym. Example: pushups, walking, stretching
- Run whatever/wherever and then back home.
- Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. It's a free workout.
- Walk to walking-distance stuff. Discover what’s in running-distance.
- Pick up a heavy object and pace. Maybe it's a baby?
- And, when you can, do burpees.

    If I need a formal workout I do this one:

    Main set:

    - 0.5 mi run, hard
    - 20 burpees
    - 5 pull-ups
    - Repeat as needed

      Rule #2: Recover Smarter

      This rule is all about the simple parts of recovery: sleep, stretching, and rest days.

      Sleep like you mean it. Respect it. Observe the ritual by doing your part and getting the recommended 7-9 hours per night for adults. Think of leaving out sleep as leaving out training. If plans change and you somehow have a free 30 minute or 1-hour interval, learn to power nap on the spot. It’s a skill to be cultivated.

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      Stretch like you care. Not just like you have to. Aspire to be more flexible and mobile. Take it as seriously as you take your miles and your reps.

      When in doubt, leave it out. You should be hungry to train. That means you're rested and ready. Know when to take an off day. If you have a really negative feeling or suspicion that you are overtrained, you probably are.

      Rule #3: Eat Cleaner and Greener

      Eat your greens. That's my approach to nutrition. I try and eat a lot of green vegetables. More colors the better, but by focusing on green, I've noticed good things happen.

      But eating fresh green vegetables is freakin' tough. It’s frustrating buying expensive, organic fruit and vegetables and then having them go bad before I even get to eat them. I’ve also previously been in the habit of spending a fortune on expensive pressed juice drinks, which are often loaded with sugar.

      Now - I am 100 percent whole foods first, but to ensure I’m getting veggies every day I also buy some frozen greens to have in my freezer. I'll steam frozen broccoli and throw it in my egg scramble or add a handful of frozen spinach in my smoothie.

      Final Thoughts:

      The big thing I’ve learned is focusing on your nutrition first, so it enhances the rest of the equation. Keep it simple and eat foods you would find growing in nature.

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