This Is What Island Ninja Grant Mccartney Eats for Top Performance

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This Is What Island Ninja Grant Mccartney Eats for Top Performance
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When you see images or videos of athlete Grant Mccartney, you see a talented, well-trained, and well-nourished athlete. But what you don’t see behind the scenes is that nutrition — a critical piece to every athlete’s performance — wasn’t always a strong suit for the Ninja Warrior. 

“I have eaten a lot of sugar and candy, and I kind of have my whole life,” Mccartney says. “The biggest thing I’ve learned is that not all fuel is the same."

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Like many other athletes, Mccartney has seemingly gotten away with all of the junk food he's consumed because of how active he is every single day. (Plus, based on a recent Wild Health assessment, his genetic makeup is highly carb-tolerant, allowing him to consume more carbohydrates than others.) Still, with his body’s increased ability to utilize and process carbohydrates, processed or overly-refined foods are not optimal for performance or longevity. 

“A Snickers bar has gotten me through a workout in the past, but it doesn't get me through a workout in the same way that sweet potatoes, which are a whole lot healthier, would," he says.

His nutritional transformation started with snacks, but has since evolved into a new holistic approach to eating. And to make things even easier for Mccartney, he’s started receiving meals from Trifecta Nutrition to eliminate all of the guesswork around his nutritional needs.

Here, Mccartney lays out a newly-optimized day of eating, since he recently optimized his meal plan for performance and longevity.

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A Look at Island Ninja Grant Mccartney's Nutrition for a Day

Grant McCartney nutrition

Wake up and train from 6-7:30 a.m.

8 a.m.: Breakfast

  • 4-5 eggs
  • 4 pieces of Dave's Killer Raisin Bread with butter
  • 2 squares of dark chocolate. 
  • A fruit smoothie with supplements (frozen fruit, ice, 50 grams of protein, collagen, glutamine, beet elite, BCAAs, and — on occasion — creatine)

10 a.m.: Computer work snack 

  • 2 cans of LaCroix (or a no-sugar energy drink)
  • Omega trail mix 

12 p.m.: Lunch

  • A spinach salad with grilled chicken

3 p.m.: Snack 

  • Something small, such as a protein bar
  • Another two cans of LaCroix

Grant McCartney nutrition

6 p.m.: Dinner

  • A poke bowl with extra tuna (or some kind of meat and vegetables)
  • Some nights, Mccartney has a snack or treat after dinner, such as ice cream

To put your new meal plan to work, start training like Mccartney by training with premium gear from Titan Fitness and following the Spartan Island Ninja training program.

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