What Really Went Down in Afghanistan? A Lieutenant Colonel Explains

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In 2021, America's longest war came to a disorganized end when American troops withdrew from Afghanistan. When the United States abruptly left, a group of veterans took matters into their own hands to rescue their Afghan allies and partners.

Lt. Col. Scott Mann, a veteran and author of the New York Times bestseller Operation Pineapple Express, is the founder of The Hero's Journey, a nonprofit that helps veterans and military family members transition to civilian life. On this episode of the Spartan Up! podcast, Mann explains what went down during the U.S. evacuation of Afghanistan, along with the challenges that veterans and their Afghan Special Operator friends and partners are now facing.

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"There should not have been any surprise that the country was going to fall," Mann says. "Some people have said, 'Well, the Afghans didn't fight,' but it's just not true. We built that army in our image where they needed us ... and then without warning, we pulled their contractor support in June, and the whole thing just started to fall apart like dominoes."

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below. 

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