10 Reasons to Be Optimistic TODAY

10 Reasons to Be Optimistic TODAY
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Being optimistic isn’t just about looking on the bright side. Optimism is about intentionally shifting towards a confident and hopeful mindset. It’s a practice that can be learned and then utilized when the going gets tough. Like anything though — you’ve got to work on it. Like breath work, you can’t just wait until you’re in a panicked state to start using your breath to help calm you down. Every freakin’ day you need to be finding things to be optimistic about and engaging the brain in this process. 

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Here are 10 reasons to be optimistic today:

1. You're Not Dead ... Yet

True story. If you’re reading this it’s proof that you’re among the living. And you know what that means — it could be worse. No day is a guarantee, and the fact that you’ve got your life right now means that you can work on those goals you have set for yourself. Life is tough, but if you’re confident that the sun is going to rise tomorrow and you’ll still be with us, then get after what needs to be done today.

2. You're Alive

Seems connected to the first, but actually it’s a stand alone. Why? Because you have an opportunity to ask yourself: What do I want to do today that’s f****** awesome? Your life has got to be a life well-lived and if you haven’t paused to plan something amazing in the next six months, DO IT NOW.

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3. The Most Certain Thing In Life Is Uncertainty

You may have your day all planned out but the truth is, anything can happen. Sure, you could twist and turn down the dark path of the bad things that are possible. Or, you could fire yourself up by thinking about the amazing things that may come your way. I pick the latter.

4. People May Surprise You

Sometimes we think we have everything figured out, especially when it comes to the people in our lives. But guess what? We don’t. If you think people can’t change or don’t want to make their lives better, then you’ve never read any of our Spartan stories. These are amazing examples of people who are getting their asses kicked and choose to rise up and make their life better. I dare you to read one of these stories and not feel hopeful.

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5. You've Got Basic Necessities

If you have a roof over your head, food in the fridge, water coming out of your tap, and you brushed your teeth today, then you’ve got a few things to be thankful for. Gratitude is often tied to optimism. When we are thankful for what we have, we can look forward to what’s coming next. Maybe you’ve never been excited to brush your teeth, but when the going gets tough, finding enjoyment in the simple things is key.

6. You've Got a Phone

We all know that I have a love-hate relationship with the phone (mostly hate). But I also know that this little device can connect me with a ton of people who matter to me. At any time during the day, I can grab my phone and reach out to my wife, family and friends, or any member of my team. Let’s not forget how amazing it is that we can connect so easily.

7. You Can See Faces Again

I realize we’ve still got a long way to go with COVID. But the fact that we are starting to see faces again is incredible. It’s wild to think that many of us went an entire year without seeing the full facial features of some of our best friends. I always knew we’d get our s*** together and here we are. Who are you most excited and hopeful to see? 

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8. Summer Is Around the Corner

Which means less excuses as to why you can’t go outside. One of the best ways to give your brain a super stellar vitamin dose is by being outside. Not only are you soaking up those killer important hormones of Vitamin D, but you’re chilling out your brain. So many of you shared such stories of hardship over the last year and it’s time to let loose a bit. Summer not only brings awesome weather but more chances to get into the wild and experience adventure. Have at it!

9. You Can Read

It might seem simple, but sometimes the strongest optimism comes from the little things. If you’re able to put eyes on this, then let’s consider what else you might read that could truly elevate your life. What books, articles, or op-eds do you have access to that can elevate your optimism? TONS. Start taking in more lessons and wisdom around the importance of hope. Burpees for the brain.

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10. Your Body Is Primed for Challenge

All that sitting that you did in 2020 did wonders for the part of your brain that wants to move. Sure, it may have made it more difficult for you to motivate yourself, but it’s set you up for any movement to feel more rewarding. When you think to the future, imagine what physical feats you might accomplish this year and know that your body is up for the challenge.

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