The Everyday Warrior: Why Doesn't Spartan CEO Joe De Sena Have an Off Button?

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Spartan CEO and founder Joe De Sena has been an entrepreneur practically since birth. While most high school- and college-aged kids were scooping ice cream and serving lattes, Joe had already built a multimillion-dollar pool cleaning business. And after a successful stint on Wall Street, followed by building the Spartan portfolio into the world's leading endurance and wellness brand while amassing a global community of athletes and obstacle enthusiasts, he's STILL not tired. 

So, why do high-performers like Joe and other hard-core elite athletes across the planet not seem to tire out like the rest of us? Where does all of that drive come from? And — perhaps most importantly — do these people have an off button?

"The only time I've been able to turn it off, ever, is when I do something really incredibly physically exhausting," Joe says. "If I do a 48-hour bike ride and I come back to the house and collapse on the wood floor, I feel OK with that ... Otherwise, I just don't feel like I'm worthy of resting. I have stuff to do."

On this episode of Men's Journal's The Everyday Warrior podcast, hosted by retired Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille, Joe and Sarraille discuss how growing up in a greenhouse will rip your roots out of the dirt at the first sign of wind down the road. These two warriors will teach you how to stop finding joy in the finish line and start hopping right back into the line of fire after every milestone.

"The greatest currency in life is not money, it's impact," Sarraille says.

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