This Is the Key to Building a Winning Mindset

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Training for mindset is just as important as training for strength. But how do you get started?

On this episode of the Spartan Up! podcastSpartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena and Z-Winning Mindset program creator Gene Zannetti discuss how to start a daily mindset "workout," whether you are an athlete, professional, student, or are just looking to progress in an area of your life.

"Everyone says our success in life is 90 percent mental, but then when you ask them about their preparation, they say 90 percent physical," Zannetti said. "I'm not a mathematician over here, but I know that's a problem."

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Also a former nationally-ranked, All-Ivy League wrestler, Zannetti and his brother, Jeff, studied the best athletes, coaches, teams, and experts in the world to learn the secrets of performance success. Originally launched under the name “Wrestling Mindset,” the company has since expanded their systematic mindset training to all sports, businesses, and schools.

Winning Mindset coaches have worked with thousands of athletes, teams, professionals, and coaches at all levels, including USA Olympic teams, UFC fighters, high school state champions, and NCAA national champions.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below.

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