These Are the 3 Keys to Becoming a More Effective Communicator

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Communication is massively important in getting our own needs met, as well as effectively assisting others. When we experience stress, or during times of uncertainty, our communication can be one of the first things that suffers. We are often flooded with emotions, which make it difficult for us to dial in on effective communication. There are a few key things to keep in mind to maintain strong levels of communication. Being clear with the ones around you is always important in delivering a message, as is creating steps along the way. And lastly, try to keep a clear and calm tone in the way you communicate.

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"During times of stress, our communication can really struggle," Lara Pence, Spartan's Chief Mind Doc, says. "When we feel overwhelmed, when we feel anxious, when we feel uncertain, when we feel afraid, our communication can go down the tubes. So it's really important for you to understand what makes good communication."

Three Keys to Becoming a Better Communicator

1. Be clear.

2. Provide steps in your communication.

3. Avoid curse words or intense tones. Remain calm.

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For more mind advice from Pence, check out the videos below in which she tells you how to build up your mental strength, how to navigate your relationships during stressful situations, and more.

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