Here's How to Find Your 2 Essentials Toward Personal Success

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Entrepreneur Ed Mylett is one of the 50 wealthiest individuals under 50. How did he get there, and what is his strategy for success?

In this episode of the Spartan Up! podcast — hosted by Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena — Mylett explains how he navigates decisions, using a mantra he calls "Bella's Wedding." He asks himself the following question: "Will this help or hurt my ability to walk my daughter down the aisle?" It’s the process and the pursuit of his goals that truly give him joy. Winning is actually an art form, he explains. This episode will reframe how you view success, and will make you realize that you are always able to do one more.

Plus, De Sena challenges you to find your own two essential elements toward success.

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13 Key Lessons From Ed Mylett and Joe De Sena

  1. Find your catalyst, aka “Bella’s Wedding.” 
  2. Understand leverage.
  3. Learn linking and anchoring.
  4. The joy is in the pursuit.
  5. Help others.
  6. Winning is an art form.
  7. TRUST the process.
  8. Don’t avoid pain.
  9. Find passion.
  10. Feed your identity.
  11. Believe that you deserve what you want.
  12. Self-confidence is keeping promises to yourself. 
  13. Always do one more.

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    Listen to the podcast in its entirety below.

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