How the 'Power of One More' Can Lead to Unimaginable Happiness

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When Ed Mylett, author of The Power of One More, was 5 years old, he got really good at reading people. Why? Every day, he practiced reading his father as the man walked through the door. It was things like messy hair, or the disorderly sound of the key in the door, that would signal to Mylett that either his little sisters and mother should get upstairs, or that his dad was sober that particular day.

But one day, with tears in his eyes, Mylett's "man's man" father pledged to quit drinking "one more time." When the hugely-successful entrepreneur later wrote his bestselling book, he was reminded of how thoughts and actions can combine to unlock massive change.

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On this episode of the Spartan UP! podcast, presented by Wild Health, Mylett explains to Spartan CEO Joe De Sena how his father tried one more time to get sober and took one more breath, how he wished he could have one more day with his father, and how Mylett has built an identity around always doing one more of the things that matter: one more rep at the gym, one more "I love you" to his family, or one more edit of the book.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below.

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