Doing These 2 Simple Things Will Naturally Boost Your Energy Levels

Doing These 2 Simple Things Will Naturally Boost Your Energy Levels
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We’re all pressed for time and, as a result, are constantly looking for efficient, quick tools to increase energy and help us optimize our busy days.

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There are two simple techniques that can rapidly and effectively give you a wake-up call. One of them gives your brain a boost, and the other supports your core for stability and injury prevention. If you're trying to understand how to increase energy levels throughout the day, these tips will engage your mind and energize your body.

How to Increase Energy and Fight Fatigue Throughout the Day

1. Eat Some Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a juicy, bittersweet citrus fruit that’s created from a pomelo and an orange. It’s a great source of vitamin C, contains lots of additional vitamins and minerals, and energizes the senses. Grapefruit oil's essence upregulates your central nervous system and stimulates your brain, so it can really wake you up.

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2) Stretch Your Hip Flexors

Targeting this often-forgotten-about muscle group will energize the body, and more importantly, it will help to prevent falls and injury. Stretching your hip flexors will also improve your balance and ensure the stability of your lower body. 

When we sit for extended periods — which we often do, especially if you work a desk job — they tighten up and shorten. Make sure to stand up every hour to properly stretch them.

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Simple stretches, such as lunges, will do the trick. If you have more space, you can do bridges.

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