These 3 Lethal Business Tips Made Alex Hormozi Millions by Age 32

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By the time he was 32 years old, Managing Partner Alex Hormozi and his wife Leila's portfolio of companies — including brick and mortar service, licensing, education, e-commerce, and more — had surpassed $85 million in annual revenue. But along with the huge successes, Alex has seen great and drastic failures throughout his professional career due to lack of patience, lack of sufficient effort, and broken promises.  

"Business is a fight if you choose to make it a fight, but in some ways, it could be a dance," he says. "You have to envision yourself doing the thing that you're doing for 10 years or more in order to get the outsize returns."

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On this episode of the Spartan Up! podcast, the growth and monetization expert and Spartan CEO Joe De Sena weigh personal opinions on fitness, longevity, and running a business. Plus, Alex shares his three most lethal tips to crush it over time.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below.

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