How to Wrap Gifts Like a Spartan

How to Wrap Gifts Like a Spartan
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Gift-wrapping can be torture for those who don’t have DYI in their DNA. Something always seems to go wrong—you run out of tape, cut the paper too small, fold at all the wrong angles. And if you have to wrap something more complicated than a box (like, say, a vacuum) forget it. That shit’s getting a bow slapped on it. 

At least, that’s what you used to do. But if you can master spear throws and cargo net climbs, you can master the art of presentation—even with weird-shaped presents. We spent hours poring through YouTube tutorials to find the best gift-wrapping wisdom the Internet has to offer. From earrings to footballs,  here’s how to wrap like a boss.

Best for Small Jewelry

Great gifts can come in small packages, no matter what anyone says. 

Best for Bottles of Booze

If you're showing up to a holiday party, you can probably just hand over a bottle with a bow in it. But if you're going for a bigger reveal, the internet has you covered.  

Best for Stuffed Animals

If you have something soft and squishy, give it the ol' Tootsie Roll treatment. 

Best for Cookie Tins


Best for Clothes

You should probably just have the store do it for you. But if that’s not an option, there’s always this.

Best for Anything Else That’s Too Weird to Wrap

You can learn so much from daytime TV. Here, for instance, you'll learn how to turn your wrapping paper into a paper bag. Brilliant! (And listen close for the pro tips on avoiding paper cuts.)

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