These Veterans Want Everyone on the Move

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Just move! That’s the bottom line for these three members of Oscar Mike and Operation Enduring Warrior, both organizations designed to get wounded veterans on the move. “Oscar Mike” means “on the move” in military parlance. These three adaptive Spartans — Jonathan Lopez, Noah Currier, and Earl Granville — have sought out the race as a way of eradicating any perception that they are victims. They are, instead, comrades in the human wide struggle to help one another excel at life. According to one of the athletes the greatest thing he witnessed during the race was not the elite athletes crushing the course or even adaptive athletes and veterans doing the improbable; it was seeing someone fall down face first and be picked up by his teammates, showing that Spartans fall, bleed and find the strength to go on, “just like us.”

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Spartan Life Lessons From These Military Veterans

  1. Seek out the obstacle, the struggle, for the valuable lessons it can teach you.
  2. More or less visibly, we’re all adapting to and trying to overcome something.
  3. Accomplishment and happiness can be dependent on finding a strong community.

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