The Best Smart Water Bottles to Battle Dehydration

The Best Smart Water Bottles to Battle Dehydration
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More than three-quarters of Americans think they don’t consume enough water on a daily basis to meet their health needs. That means they’re falling short of the suggested four to six (not even eight!) cups per day. But if you’re dehydrated by even two percent of body weight, it can negatively affect your cognitive function, according to a recent meta-analysis published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise—not ideal for the Spartan navigating an obstacle course. That’s where a smart water bottle comes in. It does the work for you, tracking your H2O intake and alerting you when it’s time to take a sip (FYI, by the time you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated). Not sure which one is right for you? These are our favorites.

Hidrate Spark 3

Sync your water bottle to your smartphone (iOS and most Androids) via Bluetooth, and it’ll track your daily water intake. When you’re lagging behind on hydrating, the sensor inside the bottle will glow. You can even set up hydration alerts to be sent to your phone or fitness tracker, including the Fitbit, Apple Watch & Health, Under Armour Record, Nokia Health Mate, and Google Fit. ($55.99;

H2O Pal

The H2O pal comes with its own water bottle, but there’s also a flexible bottle attachment so that you can fit it on other popular bottles from Nalgene, CamelBak and more. It currently only syncs to iOS devices (an Android connection is in beta stages)—but that includes Amazon’s Alexa, so you can always just ask how your hydration is going for the day. ($99;

SWIGM Smart Water Bottle

Check out that fancy LCD HD touchscreen. You can use it to customize your hydration goals and set reminders at whatever frequency works best for you. That sleek bottle also has heat and cold protection and, made from stainless steel, is super durable. Even better: You only need to charge it once and it will last for 30 straight days. ($57;

Hydra Tech Bottle

Oh, so those other bottles track your water intake? So does this one—but it also acts as a 5W Bluetooth speaker, a 4000 mAh battery, an FM radio, an RGB LED with three different color modes, and a bottle opener (for when you don’t want H2O). This one is actually designed for cyclists; it fits nicely right on the bike frame. ($59.99;

Pyrus Smart Cup

Playing off the idea that you should have eight cups of water a day, this smart water bottle allows you to set up to eight alerts—which come via LED lights or a speaker on the bottom of the bottle—throughout the day. It can also handle temperatures up to 120 degrees, if you prefer to get your hydration via tea (coffee doesn’t count, sorry). ($29;