Spartan Spirit Awards: How Kressa Peterson Built Confidence to Fight for Her Business Through Spartan Race

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Nine years ago, Kressa Peterson jumpstarted her path to success by helping her husband. She just wasn't aware of it, yet. She was concerned that he would suffer a heart attack, due to his poor physical condition, and she knew he needed a change in perception to get back on track. He could only walk around a tennis court four times and things were looking bleak. Then, one fateful day, Peterson and her husband came across Spartan Race when watching TV and she pushed him to sign up.

When he gave Spartan a try, he was instantly hooked, completing three races in five months. Though Peterson would watch her husband and son complete the races, she didn't yet partake and smoked the occasional cigarette on the side. But shortly after, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and quickly realized she needed a similar change in perception that her husband found. “So I decided, you know, 'I’m gonna do a Spartan Race,’" says Peterson on the latest episode of the Spartan Up Podcast. "And that started a freakin' domino effect that has us where we are today.” Little did she know, her debut into OCR (as a cancer survivor) would give her the business idea that'd dominate ABC's series Shark Tank with Mark Cuban, and launch her product to wild success. 

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Kressa Peterson Gained Confidence to Climb in Biz

Through Spartan Race, Peterson found the most joy and personal growth when she pushed herself to the limit. After a brutally muddy race in Asheville, NC, she was exhausted, filthy and had no way to clean herself off before a five-hour drive home. From this experience, she had the epiphany to create and market a wrappable towel — Shower Toga — that provides extra modesty for racers with mastectomies or surgical scars as they shower in public. She took it all the way to Shark Tank, and launched her business from there. "Doing Spartan Races took my confidence to that next level that you have to have to go in and fight in the workplace," says Peterson. "To fight with investors, to go in and talk to people that go, ‘That’s a bad idea’ and say, ‘You know what, it’s not a bad idea and let me tell you why.’” Now, she has a deal with Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank host Mark Cuban, a partnership with Spartan Race, and another deal with Drybar CCO Alli Webb. And of course, she continues to crush Spartan Races and build the confidence that pushes her to the top. 


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