LISTEN: COVID ICU Director Explains What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Right Now

Did you listen to the Spartan Up! interview with Ivor Cummins? Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena interviewed the biochemical engineer and complex problem-solving specialist about what people got wrong about COVID-19 and the lockdowns.

We asked you for your feedback, and Spartan racer Kyle Enfield, MD reached out to us. Dr. Enfield — who runs the COVID ICU at the University of Virginia and has a master's degree in epidemiology — was willing to come on the show and give us the latest updates, background, and details about COVID. This is a no-politics, no-B.S. episode of the Spartan Up! podcast where we tell you exactly what you need to know about COVID-19 right now.

Make sure to listen until the end, where we feature some of the heroes in the ICU and the techniques they use to handle the challenges they face.

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Listen to the podcast in its entirety below.

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