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At Spartan, a threat is just an obstacle that gives rise to greatness. Take the harder route and eventually you come out on top. Make it easy on yourself and you start to drown. Right now, parents are drowning. The pacifying, pandering, and policing of children has left many moms and dads desperate for better strategies. The result? A cohort of kids unprepared for the trials of life. It’s a BIG problem.

If we want to shift course, we have to choose different methods. We have to choose what’s hard. We have to choose resilience.

At Spartan, we build better humans — and this time we’re tackling families. Joe De Sena’s newest book, 10 Rules for Resilience: Mental Toughness for Families, is a guidebook for becoming more resilient, so that you can raise more resilient kids. Built from life but backed by clinical experience, Joe and his co-author, Dr. Lara Pence, team up to provide a framework that will help you grow into the best version of yourself and develop the skills needed to parent with resilience as your compass. It’s a no-B.S. guide that will leave you feeling more confident, capable, and courageous in the most important job of your life: being a parent.

“This book is an incredible road map. For anyone who is looking for some guidance on how to parent with these principles at the forefront, you’ll find it here.”Gabby Reece
Olympic Volleyball Player and New York Times Bestseller

Learn how to parent from the position of resilience and change your family’s life.

  • • A framework for living, being, and parenting that will prepare you and your family for anything.
  • • Proven techniques derived from clinical research and experience to set the whole family up for better, more effective coping skills.
  • • Family activities that supplement each rule of resilience and help you put the reading material into real-life action.
  • • A robust values exercise to help your family create a solid vision statement.
  • • A five-step model to increase your fear IQ.

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“As a father who is interested in finding the balance between leaning in and leaning back when it comes to parenting, this book is a fantastic touchpoint on both. The guideposts in '10 Rules for Resilience' are essential lessons for any parent, at any stage in the game.”Rich Roll
Host of the Rich Roll Podcast and author of Finding Ultra