Long Distance Training:WOD: Endurance: 10/14/17

Long Distance Training:WOD: Endurance: 10/14/17
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Today we focus on training your body to go the distance. If you want to do a Spartan Beast in the mountains, you better pay attention to this lesson in long distance training.

You learn how to run or walk many miles through practice. If anyone is trying to tell you there is a shortcut they are full of s%#t. Yes, many of the high-intensity workouts throughout the week will help get your body ready for the rigors of a multi-hour fitness effort, but there is no replacing experience.

Today we want you to get outside and get moving. Head for the hills. You'll get the most out of each step if you are moving upward. You'll also gain invaluable experience in suffering. You need to know what to expect before race day so that the 'special' feeling you'll get in your legs late in a race doesn't break you. Be prepared. And always remember why you started.

And always remember why you started.

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how." --Friedrich Nietzsche


Stretch Foam Roll Hydrate

Main Set: Endurance

Run 50-75% of your race distance at or slightly slower than race pace. Record your completion time for reference to track your progress



Beginner Version: Run 50% of your race distance. Run on track or treadmill. Advanced Version: Run 75% or your race distance. Follow difficult terrain on trails.

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This week we are working on our hill climbing fitness. To get a workout plan to make you better in the mountains read our Conquer Any Mountain Training Plan