Titan Fitness Named Official Training Equipment Partner of Spartan

Titan Fitness Named Official Training Equipment Partner of Spartan
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Spartan and Titan Fitness, the fastest-growing brand in the fitness equipment and home-gym space, have announced a multiyear partnership designating Titan Fitness the official fitness and training partner of Spartan North America.

As a brand partner, Titan Fitness will provide equipment for Spartan racers to use when tackling obstacles, it will revamp the coaching zones, it will supply equipment for DEKA, and it will play an active role in engaging with the Spartan community. Additionally, Titan Fitness is now the official training partner of the Spartan FIT app, DEKA, and the Spartan Pro Team. 

Titan's Mission

Titan Fitness has become a top brand in the fitness world, aggressively expanding their customer base over the past six years.

"It’s always been our goal to provide customers with easy access to premium, yet affordable, fitness products,” said Austin Speck, the CEO of Titan Brands. “Not only can people train with our equipment at home, but now the Spartan community will also be able to use the Titan Fitness equipment they are familiar with like racks, weights, barbells, ropes, and sandbags to compete at Spartan events.”

When we were looking for an equipment partner, we knew we wanted a best-in-class brand that could withstand the impact of intense at-home training, as well as tolerate the extreme rigors of competition day," said Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena. "We knew that the quality and strength of Titan Fitness products is just what we needed for our race-day obstacles and coaching zones. We also love their unbreakable attitude and spirit. It’s a perfect fit.”

A Natural Fit and a Common Goal

Embedded in the missions of both organizations is the philosophy that everyone deserves a chance to be stronger, fitter, and healthier. 

“Our fitness equipment is for anyone seeking to maximize potential and achieve their personal goals,” Speck said. “Our customers come from all walks of life, from elite athletes to weekend warriors to people wanting to start their fitness journey and live healthier lives — or push their boundaries.

"Through this partnership, we will strengthen both of our communities with more ways to conquer doubt, overcome obstacles, and improve their overall wellbeing. Whether they are training in a commercial gym, their home gym, or in the great outdoors, our fitness products help athletes prepare for the race of their life.”

“Titan Fitness offers the best equipment that any Spartan athlete or DEKA affiliate gym would need,” De Sena said. “Spartan provides the motivation and purpose. That’s a solid partnership that can help our communities defy expectations and shatter personal bests.” 

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