Beast Week Day 1: STRENGTH: September 4, 2017

Beast Week Day 1: STRENGTH: September 4, 2017
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Beast Week: This week we will be focusing on endurance, a pillar of Spartan Training. Endurance is required to finish a Spartan Beast.

The Spartan Beast is an endurance test. Whatever your ability, 13+ miles is a hike. Now throw in obstacles. No matter how fast you are, you will be putting in an extended physical effort to finish the event.

This week's workouts are focused on building endurance, while still developing your strength condition and overall athleticism.

Endurance is the ability to persist, both mentally and physically. It is what allows you to keep running on tired legs.

Today we are going to simulate the experience of running on tired legs by doing a strength set before our cardio work.

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second. ― William James


Perform at least one of the following: Jump Rope 5 minutes Jumping Jacks x 75 Jog 10 minutes

Pari I:

Burpees 4 x 5-15 - Execute with precise form, focusing on doing a perfect squat at the beginning of the burpee movement. Jump high. Squat to Overhead Press 3 x 10 Lunges w/Pancake 3 x 10 (each leg) Broad Jump 2 x 5 Box Jump 2 x 5 Rest 1 minute

Pull-ups 3 x max Rest 1 minute

Plank 2 x 30 seconds Leg Lowers (each side) Rest 1 minute

Part II: Keep moving. 15-60 minutes cardio. Aerobic zone - pick your poison. This can be done on a fan bike, rowing machine, treadmill or stair climber. Feel free to jump rope, swim, cycle, hike or do group fitness class like Spartan Strong. Feel free just to walk vigorously. Maybe carry your Spartan pancake with you.

Cool Down:

Walk it off Stretch Foam Roll (Optional)


Beginner Version: Take it easy. Walk your cardio section. Just stay on your feet and keep moving. Elite Version: Spend your endurance section going up the steepest hills you can find. In the absense of hills use the stairs or a treadmill on its steepest incline.

Endurance Tip:

When in doubt, walk. Keep it simple. Walk everywhere you can and always take the stairs.

Walk when you are taking a call. Walk your errands. Get a standing desk. Pace. Whatever keeps you moving.

The goal is to up your step count each day. Use any kind of app or wearable technology to track this. Always aim for at least 10,000 steps a day. See if you can do this outside of any programmed training runs. Be creative on ways to keep yourself on your feet. Make it a challenge.

Need more training motivation? Download the Bodyweight Workout Plan