Beast Week Day 5: ATHLETICISM: WOD: September 8, 2017

Beast Week Day 5: ATHLETICISM: WOD: September 8, 2017
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Beast Week: This week we will be focusing on endurance, a pillar of Spartan Training. Endurance is required to finish a Spartan Beast.

Fact: Many of our Spartan Beast races are in the mountains. It's part of the allure and the fun, not to mention sense of accomplishment.

This means you need to be comfortable going long distances that include lots of elevation gain. In other words, you need to be ready to climb. And running around your flat-as-a-pancake block isn't going to cut it.

For this workout, you don't need a mountain. Any incline will suffice. Flatlander? In a gym? Set up a treadmill at maximum incline or run some stairs.


Dynamic warm-up

Main set:

10-second hill climb (sprint) 10-second rest Do this x 10 20-second hill climb (very high intensity) 20-second rest Do this x 4 30-second hill climb (high intensity) 10-second rest Do this x 2


15-20 minute jog Stretch


Beginner Version: Cut this workout in half, doing each interval half the recommended amount of times. Advanced Version: Do this entire workout after your run 1-3 miles to your hill. Then run home after your intervals.