"I Don't Remember the Pain"

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Richard Park III had never run a Spartan race. Last year, in Hawaii, he attempted to run three of them. The coveted Trifecta—a combined 23 miles and 75 obstacles—is an elusive goal for even the most seasoned Spartan. So what made Park, a father who had precious little time to train, think he was up for the challenge?

What makes any man or woman attempt to achieve the impossible? It’s a desire to be more—to not be limited by the box that we tend to put ourselves in.

In this edition of Spartan Stories, watch Park attempt his feat. There are highs and lows, and plenty of lessons for us all.

After 10 days of rest, Park III is training again at his home gym. He has his sights set on the Super Beast Trifecta next year, for which he says he plans on increasing his running base. He’s already signed up for a couple of trail runs in December, which should prepare him for next year’s event as well as for some of the Spartan 12- to 60-hour endurance events.

“I would love to get all the medals and complete everything that Spartan has to offer,” he says. “To me, Hawaii was just the starting block."

He pauses. “I don’t really remember the pain.”


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