Spartan Love: Ruby-Pearl & Anthony

Spartan Love: Ruby-Pearl & Anthony
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Our continuing Spartan Love series, this couple joined forces into new and uplifting challenges after a battle with cancer. Ruby-Pearl tells the story:
Two years ago, in a fight against cervical cancer, I finished chemotherapy against an aggressive tumor. Anthony and I started racing Spartan. We'd always run the open heat together.
The couple with their Spartan Super medals.
"Having a lovebird/friendly competition is a whole new motivation for us."
The tough Monterey Super was our very first. Through my recovery Anthony would stick by me both on and off course, pacing me back to physical health and maintaining my strength. The different races have also allowed us to travel together, even leading me to meet his parents for the first time in the east coast, making a weekend out of the DC Sprint!
Committing to making Trifecta happen for me was never a plan Anthony had for himself. And while I always appreciate him for supporting my fitness craze in training and racing with me, he says I too have helped him become a stronger version of himself, that if it weren't for me he wouldn't have discovered how much he's capable of.
Ruby-Pearl and Anthony leaping.
Ruby-Pearl writes that the mutual support has helped them to overcome fear and discover new strengths.
He'd never even heard of Spartan until we first met, on a Feb 19th, just after Valentine's Day. There are times when doubts or lows cross my mind, but my fear of letting him down is bigger. He helps shake off my race-day jitters in toeing the start lines. Sometimes he believes in me more than I do for myself.  So much I forget about my worries (pace, pain, injury, etc.) because it always somehow turns out being fun. Our inspiration is reciprocal. After two Trifectas completed together, this year we decided to race competitively among age-group and elite. We just finished the SoCal Super. Having a lovebird/friendly competition is a whole new motivation for us. One down, two to go!
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