5 Epic Things That Spartans Can Do in Japan

5 Epic Things That Spartans Can Do in Japan
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In our inspiring, eye-opening Everyday Spartans documentary, we’re following and profiling the adventures of eight incredible people — from seven different countries and all walks of life — as they travel the globe and transform their lives through Spartan. Anyone, regardless of circumstance, can be a Spartan, and their stories are proof of just that.

Mount Fuji ... in 12 Hours

There’s nothing like climbing an epic mountain. And if you’re an Everyday Spartan, you do it fast and furious, with time to spare at the top so you can watch the sun rise. Mount Fuji is no joke, but neither are Spartans. Many train years to climb Mount Fuji and take their sweet time as they make their way to the top. But if you’re truly looking to push yourself, you figure out a way to climb at a smart and steady pace, sleep just a bit (like sardines, no less), and then trek that last leg in the dark so you can reach the summit just in time for the sun. Yes, it’s pushing yourself. And yes, some may call it crazy. So yes, it’s totally Spartan.


When you’re a Spartan, you learn to take struggle in stride. You roll with the punches, blaze past barriers, and bound over obstacles. But every once in a while, powering through can take on a new face. And purification is the name of the game. The exercise of Misogi involves a ritual practice under the roaring plunge of a sacred waterfall. The idea is to cleanse and wash away impurities. Even when you’re at expert at dealing with obstacles and taking on life’s dilemmas, the act of purification and the meditative qualities of Misogi can put you in the perfect position to operate with clarity and focus.

Shrine Steps (Spartan Style)

Much like many things in Japan, something seemingly simple can actually be incredibly meaningful. And when you’re a Spartan you’re always looking for meaning, whether you're gaining wisdom from a barbed wire crawl or finding your purpose while sailing through a set of monkey bars. The steps at the Atago Shrine are not only steep but purposeful, as they are often known as the “ladder to success." The steps are said to represent the climb to greatness, especially in your career. And so, of course, it's perfect for the Everyday Spartan who is looking for greater elevation and achievement in their world. And in typical Spartan style, why not do it with a kettle bell? It's just an extra reminder of the difficulty of true success, and the weight that we carry when we have a responsibility to be our best self. It’s not always easy, and it’s certainly steep, but it’s damn important.

Meditate With the Monks

Meditation may not sound epic, but when you’re meditating with the masters, we can assure you that it is. When you step off the plane and take in the vastness of Tokyo, your senses come alive — and sometimes shift quickly into hyperdrive. And while many Spartans would love to exist in this state (cough cough, Joe De Sena), slowing down, moving into a position of mindfulness, and learning to quiet the overworked mind is essential — and epic when you’re doing it with the monks.

Shibuya Sizzle

The world’s busiest pedestrian crossing is no joke. Approximately 2,500 individuals cross at one time and it’s most certainly a site to be seen, especially when you’re used to running those mountain trials all by yourself with little stimulation and barely any sounds. Immersing yourself in a true cultural experience helps shift your perspective, opens you up to new worlds, and gets those curiosity juices flowing. Shibuya is not to be missed, and seeing it with a Spartan eye is the way to do it.