What Is the Unbreakable Pass, and Why Does Every Spartan Need One?

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Want unlimited access to every single Spartan race, every single Tough Mudder race, and every other epic event across Spartan's portfolio of brands?

Not just in the United States, but across the world?

Want to cement yourself in Spartan history, own a rare NFT that you can resell, and gain entry to exclusive events and galas? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, you need the Unbreakable Pass, your golden ticket to unlock everything in the Spartan Universe. 

What Is the Spartan Unbreakable Pass?

The Unbreakable Pass is our first-ever truly global pass. It gives you access to every single event in Spartan's portfolio of brands across the world. This includes unlimited access to Spartan Races (including championships), Tough Mudders (including World's Toughest Mudder), Spartan Combat, Spartan Trail (plus all Spartan Trail World Championship events), DEKA, the La Ruta mountain bike race in Costa Rica, HIGHLANDER adventure hiking, M20 paddleboard races, the Patagonia Run trail race, Peak Races (Woodsplitter, Bloodroot Ultra, Mount Sparta, Death Race, Camp Spartan, Snow Devil Snowshoe), Hurricane Heats, and Agoges

Is the Unbreakable Pass an NFT? What Does That Mean, and Why Should I Care? 

The Unbreakable Pass comes in the form of a sellable and transferable NFT (non-fungible token). If you are unfamiliar with NFTs, read this primer to get up to speed. Pass holders own their NFTs outright, and they can sell them at any time. A limited number of original NFTs will be available for purchase, enabling users to own a piece of Spartan history, and providing them an opportunity to make a profit should they choose to sell them.

Additionally, 300 ultra rare NFTs will be minted at random. In addition to the fact that they will be more valuable than the other Unbreakable Pass NFTs, due to their scarcity, they will provide entry to every single global event in the Spartan portfolio of brands for nine years.

How Long Is the Unbreakable Pass Good for, and How Do I Extend It?

The Unbreakable Pass provides guaranteed access to the aforementioned events for three years. Over the course of those three years, you can extend it for another three years by attending all three annual Unbreakable Events (more on that below).

If you don't attend those events, and thus are not eligible for an extension, you'll still have the option to renew the pass at a discounted rate.

What are the Additional Benefits and Perks of the Unbreakable Pass?

In addition to global access to events and ownership of an NFT, original pass holders will enjoy a host of incredible benefits and perks. Most notably, original pass holders — meaning they purchased the pass from Spartan.com, not on the secondary market — will have their names etched into stones that surround a monumental statue in Sparta, Greece. This 35-foot first-of-its-kind statue, which we are building in partnership with the city of Sparta, will honor the Spartan 300. Your memory and your honor will live on in Spartan history, and in ancient European history, for the rest of time.

Why is this monument so significant? Because following the Battle of Thermopylae, when the 300 Spartans were killed by the Persians, a monument was never erected to honor them. Some believe that there was an intention to build one, but nothing ever came of it. So now we've taken it upon ourselves to build our own monument. Three-hundred stones, each representing the Spartan 300, will surround it. And surrounding those 300 will be 15,000 additional stones, commemorating the modern-day Spartans who are holding those 300 up by living a lifestyle of honor, determination, and bravery.

Additionally, global pass holders will receive the following advantages: express event registration in the U.S., access to VIP tents at select races in the U.S., and exclusive merchandise drops. Plus, pass holders will be invited to annual Unbreakable Events, which will be three-day festivals featuring celebrity appearances, feasts, and charity events. These events will bring thousands of Spartans together for an opportunity to interact with famous athletes, test new obstacles — including potential Olympic tie-ins — and eat like kings in some of the most spectacular locations on Earth. 

Other Pass Options: Season Pass and Trifecta Pass

In addition to the Unbreakable Pass, there are two other pass options for U.S. racers to choose from: the Season Pass and the Trifecta Pass.

The Season Pass offers unlimited access to 45-plus Spartan weekends in the United States — including any heat — plus free spectator passes, multi-lap discounts, VIP notifications, membership to the Season Pass community group, lodging and destination deals through Spartan Travel, and discounted prices for friends. Plus, Season Pass holders get exclusive gear (while supplies last), including a roll bag, a sweatshirt, and a T-shirt.

The Trifecta Pass entitles racers to one Sprint/Stadion, one Super, and one Beast/Ultra. Pass holders can choose from 45-plus U.S. Spartan weekends (all heats included), and will also receive free spectator passes, lodging and destination deals through Spartan Travel, and discounted prices for friends. Exclusive gear, including a sweatshirt and a T-shirt, is also included.

The main differences between these passes and the Unbreakable Pass, as mentioned above, is the unlimited access to every event globally, across every brand, as well as the rare NFT and the opportunity to have your name etched into stone in Sparta. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, the Unbreakable Pass provides access for three years, as opposed to the Season and Trifecta Passes, which are only good for one. So if you plan to purchase a season pass each of the next three years, purchasing a one-time Unbreakable Pass is far more cost-efficient.