2024 Official Stadion Race Schedule: Dates, Details, and More

2024 Official Stadion Race Schedule: Dates, Details, and More
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The Stadion is an experience unlike any other on the Spartan race schedule. Held in some of the most iconic stadiums and ballparks in the world, this modern-day reprisal of the ancient Stadion is a 5K, 20-obstacle test of speed, strength, and willpower.

The coolest part about a Spartan Stadion race? You're racing where some of the most athletic and well-known athletes in the world play night in and night out, on the same grounds as Hall of Famers, true legends and icons, and perennial All-Stars. You're racing at venues that you see daily on television, that you would never think you'd have the opportunity to see up close, let alone compete in.

If you're ready to start building your 2024 Spartan race roadmap, here's every event on the 2024 Spartan Stadion race schedule.

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Every Race on the 2024 Spartan Stadion Race Schedule

February 24-25

2024 Dodger Stadium Spartan Stadion Weekend

May 17-19

Raymond James Spartan Stadion Weekend

Spartan Stadion Race Schedule

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The 103-foot-tall, 43-ton pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium is one of the nation's most distinguished stadium landmarks, and whenever the Bucs win, score, or even enter the opponent's red zone, the ship's cannons go off. With a seating capacity of nearly 70,000, Raymond James has hosted three Super Bowls, and hosts two NCAA bowl games every year: the ReliaQuest Bowl and the Gasparilla Bowl. Are you ready to conquer this beast of a venue?

June 22

2024 Citi Field Spartan Stadion Weekend

September 21-22

2024 Orange County Stadium Spartan Stadion Weekend

Spartan Stadion Race Schedule

November 9-10

2024 Boston Stadium Spartan Stadion Weekend 

spartan racers at fenway park

Before Spartan CEO Joe De Sena made the move to Orlando, FL, Boston was home to Spartan's largest headquarters. Because of this (and because of the stadium's historic, revered status), the first-ever Spartan Stadion was held at here in 2012, and this Stadion race weekend continues to be our most popular stadium race on the calendar, usually selling out two days of racing. (A typical Stadion weekend lasts just one day.)