How to Earn Your 2022 Trifecta in Each Region of the United States

How to Earn Your 2022 Trifecta in Each Region of the United States
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The 2022 Spartan season is more than halfway over, and if you still haven't earned your Trifecta, it's time to start seriously charting your path. Not to worry, though: There's still plenty of time and a plethora of races to choose from, so you're still in very good shape.

It can be overwhelming to plan your Trifecta journey, but we're here to help. We've broken down every region of the United States and curated a list of the remaining races and race types for you to choose from. What are you waiting for? Go and get that Trifecta!

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Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

If you need a Beast to complete your Trifecta, you can find them in Glen Jean, West Virginia (August 27), Killington, Vermont (September 10), and Vernon, New Jersey (October 1). West Virginia and New Jersey are full Trifecta weekends, so if you haven't raced with us yet in 2022, you can secure your Trifecta over the course of two days.

Additionally, in lieu of a Sprint, you can race the Stadions at Citizens Bank Park (September 17), Fenway Park (November 12-13), and Citi Field (November 19).

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spartan racers compete in killington vermontThe Spartan race in Killington, Vermont on September 10-11

The Complete Schedule

New England (Aug 13-14) - Sprint, Super, Kids (Already Happened)

West Virginia (Aug 27-28) - Trifecta Weekend + Kids (Already Happened)

Vermont (Sept 10-11) - Sprint, Beast, Ultra, Kids, Hurricane Heat 4 Hour (Already Happened)

Philadelphia (Sept 17) - Stadion, Kids at Citizens Bank Park (Already Happened)

New Jersey (Oct 1-2) - Trifecta Weekend + Ultra + Kids (Already Happened)

Virginia (Oct 29-30) - Sprint, Super, Kids, Hurricane Heat 4 Hour (Already Happened)

Boston (Nov 12-13) - Stadion, Kids at Fenway Park (Already Happened)

New York City (Nov 19) - Stadion, Kids at Citi Field

Southeast and Southwest

We understand that this is a big region, but if you live down south, there are ample opportunities to earn your Trifecta in the second half of 2022. There are two Trifecta weekends, in Avondale, Arizona (November 19-20) and Sebring, Florida (December 10-11), and additional Beasts in Granbury, Texas (October 22) and Mill Spring, North Carolina (November 19). 

woman competes in a spartan race in nashvilleThe Spartan race in Lebanon, Tennessee on October 15-16

The Complete Schedule

South Carolina (July 30-31) - Sprint, Super, Kids, Hurricane Heat 12 Hour (Already Happened)

Nashville (Oct 15-16) - Sprint, Super, Kids, Hurricane Heat 4 Hour (Already Happened)

Dallas (Oct 22-23) - Sprint, Beast, Ultra, Kids (Already Happened)

Arizona (Nov 19-20) - Trifecta Weekend + Kids

North Carolina (Nov 19-20) - Sprint, Beast, Ultra, Kids

Central Florida (Dec 10-11) - Trifecta Weekend + Kids

West Coast

There are more races on the West Coast than in any other region, so if you live in that part of the country and don't complete your Trifecta in 2022 ... well ... you're not getting any sympathy from us. The second half of the season is loaded with races up and down the coast, with six races in California alone.

There are three Trifecta weekends, in Snohomish, Washington (August 13-14), Oahu, Hawaii (August 20-21), and Lebec, California (October 22-23), plus additional Beasts in Olympic Valley, California (September 24-25), which is also the same weekend as the Spartan Ultra World Championship.

In place of a Sprint, there are also Stadion races at Angel Stadium (July 23) and Oracle Park (December 3).

a woman competes in the spartan race in portlandThe Spartan race in Washougal, Washington on September 17

The Complete Schedule

Anaheim (July 23) - Stadion, Kids at Angel Stadium (Already Happened)

Seattle (Aug 13-14) - Trifecta Weekend + Kids (Already Happened)

Hawaii (August 20-21) - Trifecta Weekend + Ultra + Kids (Already Happened)

Portland (Sept 17) - Sprint, Kids, Hurricane Heat 4 Hour (Already Happened)

North Lake Tahoe (Sept 24-26) - Beast, 24-Hour Ultra World Championship (Cancelled)

Southern California (Oct 22-23) - Trifecta Weekend + Kids (Already Happened)

San Jose (Nov 12-14) - Sprint, Super, Kids, Hurricane Heat 12 Hour (Already Happened)

San Francisco (Dec 3) - Stadion, Kids at Oracle Park

Los Angeles (Dec 10-11) - Sprint, Kids

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Hopefully you completed the Beast in Ohio in June, because our Midwest slate is admittedly light. Following the Notre Dame Stadion in July, there are only two remaining Midwestern races in the second half of 2022. Following the Sprint and Super weekend in Oxford, Michigan on July 16-17, there is one remaining race in the region, which you might very well need to run to earn your Trifecta: the Sprint and Super weekend in Goshen, Indiana on November 5-6.

Goshen is about two-and-a-half hours from Chicago, and just under three hours from Indianapolis.

a spartan racer competes in indianaThe Spartan race in Goshen, Indiana on November 5-6

The Complete Schedule

Michigan (July 16-17) - Sprint, Super, Kids, Hurricane Heat 4 Hour (Already Happened)

Indiana (Nov 5-6) - Sprint, Super, Kids (Already Happened)