'Today, I Got to Live': Sights, Sounds, and Stories From Spartan's Much-Anticipated Return to Racing

'Today, I Got to Live': Sights, Sounds, and Stories From Spartan's Much-Anticipated Return to Racing
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Spartan returned to racing in Jacksonville, Fla., this past weekend after more than three months without events. There were fewer people and more safety protocols, but the grittiness and energy were as present as they've ever been. In some ways, after such an extended absence, they were even more pronounced than usual.

What was different about this race? How did it compare to races pre-COVID? We could tell you, of course — you can check out this recap and learn more about our enhanced safety guidelines — but we figured that you'd rather hear it from racers who experienced it firsthand. We asked for your feedback — sights, sounds, testimonials, and stories from this historic race — and you delivered, as always, with a tremendous amount of revealing, inspiring, and informative content.

Below is just a smattering of the responses we received on social media. For more, click here.

Happy return to racing! We can't wait to see you back out on the course.

'Felt Amazing to Be Back on the Course'

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'First DEKAFIT Experience Was Amazing'

'One of the Most Soul-Filling Weekends I've Had in, Like, Forever'

'Everything Is Safe; I Feel Safe Here'

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'Today, I Got to Live'

'It Was Easy to Make My Way Through Everything'

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Cherish every opportunity to get out on course, because you never know when the next one will be. I’m certainly in no position to say when obstacle course racing - or any activity, really - will be back to where it was at the start of this year. But with everything taking place outdoors and miles of trail to spread out the participants, we’re in a better spot than most. I think Spartan put a lot of effort into minimizing situations where people usually come into close contact - particularly the festival entrance, starting corral and finisher chute. From check-in to the end, it was easy to make my way through everything without actually coming into close, direct contact with anyone else. I don’t know nearly enough to say whether the reduced overall capacity is sustainable, but it’s absolutely a start. For now, it’s back to the roads and getting ready for the @1stplacesports 5K time trial this weekend. But whenever we’re back to the mud, I’ll be ready to bring it! . #RADrabbit #runinrabbit #borntorunfree #runjax #1stplacesports #running #trailrunning #spartan #spartanrace #spartanjax2020 #spartanjax #trifectatribe #OCR #OCRtraining #altrarunning #zerolimits #runflatstaylow #runnersofinstagram #endurance #embracethesuck #optoutside

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'I Didn't Realize How Much I Missed It Until It Was Over'

'Things Were Different, But It Was a Well-Planned and Well-Organized Event'

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The second day of the @spartanrace in Jacksonville was another blast!! I felt so good to get on a course again, jump over walls, get muddy with friends and ring many bells No competitive heats so I finaly had a chance to try the men #atlas #herculeshoist and the #platedrag.... I forgot about the bucket curry 🤣🤣🤣 So happy that I managed to complete the obstacle, man the herculeshoist was so heavy after the last night rain Was awesome to complete all the 3 events #dekafit #spartantrail and #spartansprint and earned my triple containment crown shirt 😃 Things were different, but it was a well planned and well organized event! Amazing job @Spartan Thank you for getting us back out there! Congratulations to all to get out there and earned their hardware medals 🥇 #spartanjax2020 #spartan #spartanrace #spartanwomen #spartanstrong #spartanwomenstrong #run #running #runner #ocr #ocrathlete #ocraddict #endurelite #letsgetit #spartanlife #spartanathlete #fit #motivation

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'A Blast, Filled With Pleasant Surprises'

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