5 Things to Know About McLane Stadium, a First-Time Spartan Venue

5 Things to Know About McLane Stadium, a First-Time Spartan Venue
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For the first time ever, Spartan is coming to McLane Stadium, the home of the Baylor Bears' college football team, on April 1st. Before you take on the Stadion and dominate the same field as some of the most talented college football players on Earth, here are five cool facts about the stadium.

5 Fascinating Facts About McLane Stadium, the Home of the Baylor Bears

1. What's in a Name?

Back in 2013, when the stadium was being constructed, the plan was for it to be called Baylor Stadium. But before it opened, the name was changed to McLane Stadium, which remains the name today. No, McLane is not a sponsor. The stadium is actually named after Drayton McLane Jr., an 86-year-old billionaire who is a Baylor alumnus and the chairman of the McLane Group. Prior to that, he was the chairman and CEO of Major League Baseball's Houston Astros. 

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2. Take the Boat to the Game (and Race)

McLane Stadium is perfectly situated on the Brazos River, making it one of the only college stadiums in America in which you can arrive by boat. Many fans tailgate on boats on game day. You probably shouldn't do that before a Spartan race, but it is an awesome environment to talk shop with fellow Spartans and enjoy a post-race beverage after you cross the finish line.

3. See Yourself on a World-Class Video Board

One of the coolest aspects of Stadion races is the opportunity to see yourself on the stadium's massive video board, and McLane Stadium doesn't disappoint in that department. The high-definition LED video board is a whopping 5,029 square feet. If you're able to catch yourself on screen, you'll see yourself like never before. 

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4. A Locker Room Unlike Any Other

Most locker rooms look exactly the same. Not the home locker room at McLane Stadium. The 7,500-foot home locker room was actually built in the shape of a football, making it one of the most unique and inventive in the country.

5. 50,000+ Came Out to See a Classic

McLane's capacity is 45,140 attendees, but for big games they try to jam as many people in the stadium as humanly possible. And that's exactly what they did on November 16th, 2019, when 50,223 fans came out to watch the Bears take on the Oklahoma Sooners. On a day when ESPN College GameDay was on-site, the 50,223 attendance mark set a new stadium record, which still stands today. Unfortunately, the majority of the 50,000 on hand left disappointed after the Sooners prevailed, 34-31, in an instant classic. How many Spartans will fill the stadium on Stadion day? We can't wait to find out.

In addition to the Stadion race for adults, there will be a Kids race. Trust us when we tell you that the experience of stepping on a college or professional stadium is one they'll never forget. As in awe as the adults are, it tends to be even more impactful and memorable for the kids.

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