The 2021 Spartan Race Schedule Is Live! Here's Everything Racers Need to Know

The 2021 Spartan Race Schedule Is Live! Here's Everything Racers Need to Know
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Who's ready to race? We're pretty sure everyone reading this is raising their hand. Well rack it up, because we're ready for you with our 2021 schedule or 2022 schedule! Trust us, we're just as disappointed about the 2020 race season, and equally devastated by the far-reaching effects of COVID-19 on our Spartan community and world at large. This year has taught us more about grit and determination — and our vulnerabilities — than any other. But we've been training like hell, doing virtual races, and physically and mentally preparing for what we know will be the most kick-ass season of all time: 2021. The schedule is up, so get out your calendars, pick your dates, download our app, and train like there's no tomorrow! Here's everything you need to know about the 2021 season, our most epic yet.

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We Will Return to Take Over Killington

It's our home base. It's Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena's home. And, of course, it's home to the legendary Death Race. The 50K Ultra, 21K Beast, and 5K Sprint weekend takes place over the 20th anniversary of 9/11, so it's sure to be even more meaningful and emotional than ever. It's a race that every Spartan wants to check off their bucket list, so don't miss it. We'll also return to some other fan-favorite destinations such as Kaneohe, Hawaii for a Trifecta and Palmerton for a 10K Super and 5K Sprint. 

spartan race 2021 schedule

There Will Be More Trifecta and Trail Races Than Ever Before

One of our major goals for 2021 is to give every racer — newbies and veterans alike — the opportunity to compete at any and every level. That means introducing more Trifectas in more locations than we've ever had before: We're hosting them in New Jersey, Central Florida, Seattle, West Virginia, Ohio, Montana, Fayetteville, and more. We're also offering more Trail races in 2021, for Spartans who prefer epic runs on some of the country's most challenging terrain. Check out the new trail opportunities in Montana, the Carolinas, San Jose, Austin, Boston, and San Luis Obispo

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spartan race 2021 schedule

We're Coming to More Cities and Stadiums Near You

We've been listening to our Spartan community, and we've heard you loud and clear: You want greater accessibility to races, particularly in cities and urban areas. So we're hosting more Stadion and City races in 2021, so we can reach more of you where you are. For the first time, we'll be hosting a Stadion race at Notre Dame Stadium, as well as other major venues, including AT&T Stadium (the home of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys). So start training on your stairs now! For Spartans who want to get back out there and bring the family along, we'll have multiple City locations including San Diego and Kissimmee, FL

spartan race 2021 schedule

New, Epic Locations for Championship Season

The 2021 championship season will be more epic than ever. Why? First and foremost, the North American Championship is coming to North Lake Tahoe, the former home of the Spartan World Championship. Held in the rugged mountains of historic Squaw Valley, the regional championship will be held on Sept. 25-26.

Just two weeks later, the Spartan Ultra World Championship will be held in the United States for the first time. The 24-hour event will take place on Oct. 9-11, at the Telluride Ski Resort in Mountain Village, CO

Rounding out championship season is the Spartan World Championship, the premier event on the calendar. After being postponed due to COVID-19 in 2020, the World Championship will be held in Abu Dhabi on Dec. 3-4, 2021, marking the first time the event will be held outside of the U.S.

spartan race 2021 schedule

We Will Be Looking Out for the Safety of All Spartans

We were able to safely host one successful race during COVID-19 in Jacksonville, and we're super proud of how we were able to ensure the health of Spartans and our employees there. We learned a heck of a lot about new protocols, and the safety of our community remains a top priority as we plan 2021 races. Our updated guidelines include cleaning and sanitation, social distancing, screening, and, of course, proceeding at the discretion of both national and local government leaders. We are working hard to ensure that our 2021 races will be safe for everyone involved. 

spartan race 2021 schedule

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