Spartan Power Rankings: Age Groupers Show Out Across the South All Month

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Spartan Power Rankings: Age Groupers Show Out Across the South All Month
Presented by Spartan Training®

Every month for the past two years, Spartan Pro Kevin Donoghue — a long-time Pro with more than 177 combined podium appearances and 127 Age Group victories to his name — has selected the top-10 male and female North American Elite Spartan racers for the Power Rankings based on recent accomplishments, results, and overall race resumes. In the process, he's also ruffled a lot feathers (and he's not sorry).

But over the past few seasons, something became very evident. The action, competition, and stories that unfold across the Age Group divisions every weekend are not only fascinating, but abundant. 

In 2023, the Spartan Power Rankings will be dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments, newly born battles, and age-old rivalries of Spartan's hometown heroes: the Age Groupers!

With many athletes still getting their first Spartan races in this year, they had to contend with colder weather and tougher courses (ask anyone who survived Atlanta). But we all know that tough conditions bring out the best in our community and some greater excitement out on the course. With that being said, here are the Age Groups and athletes who made it a memorable March.

To learn more about how Kevin scores and makes his picks, read up on the official criteria here. Have a gripe with one of Kevin's picks? Bury it deep inside and let it fuel your 2023 training.

Let the debate begin!

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The March 2023 Spartan Age Group Power Rankings

10) 60+ (Brady Bunchers)

The weather is warming up, and so are our 60+ athletes. They came out in  "bunches" this past month, and their growing numbers indicate they are just getting started! Nancy Nelson and Sally Gist had a battle down in Houston during the 10K Super, with Kraig Long additionally taking the win for the men. Robert West and Julie Collins conquered the Atlanta Beast, and Dan Cabel won the Vegas Sprint while Deborah Arnsen edged Eva Steinwald in a battle for first place.

9) 55-59 (Breakfast Clubbers)

Like the 60+, they didn't have an athlete crack the top 10 yet, but if you were at the podium in Atlanta, you would not have known it! The energy for the Breakfast Clubbers at awards was huge, led by John Castle and Alexandra Salomon. Out in Las Vegas, Charles Taylor, Will Gensburg, and Edwurd Korat led the way for the men. Plus, Jen Fisher and Denise Brady held it down for the ladies in Houston.

8) 14-17 (TikTokers)

Holding the eighth spot again are our youngest Spartan Warriors! They achieved two more top-10 appearances this month, thanks to strong efforts by Charity and Justic Borne! Both came in second overall at the Houston Spartan Super. 

7) 50-54 (Top Guns)

Angelina Borisov, Cole DeRosa, and Daniel Ludwig led podium missions into Atlanta and Las Vegas. All came back alive (and with Age Group gold).

6) 18-24 (Incredibles)

This Age Group earned sixth place this month but had five less top-10 appearances than last month. (Maybe they had a little to much fun on spring break, but the dip in performance was less than Incredible.) However, Dallas Kauffman, Xavier Fierro, Tyson Brinkerhhoff, Aubrey Mahalingam, and Andrew Clark all shined bright!

5) 45-49 (Saved by the Bells)

Taking an even bigger dip was my own Age Group, 45-49. We took 10 less top-10 spots in just as many races as last month. Belding is definitely going to throw us in detention, but maybe he will go easy on Tara Pipia, Loraine Ensana, Angela Murphy, and Dawn Westrum who gave it their all on the way to the podium.

4) 25-29 (Avengers)

The 25-29 group picked up a few more superheroes and scored 16 top-10 spots this month! Brian Beal ll took the overall title at the Atlanta Super, with Jonathan Hayley coming in second. Not to be outdone, Marissa Maxium, Sheridan Santinga, and Aurora Lella also did their part.

3) 30-34 (Hogwarts)

Though they magically scored five more top-10 points for Hufflepuff, they fell back from second to third this month. Brandon Johnson took the overall title at both the Las Vegas Super and Sprint, while Taylor Febus, Krista Miele and Tanner Honan all performed brilliantly. But now, there is a new second-place holder. 

2) 40-44 (Baywatchers)

Like they were trying to save beachgoers in the early-season surf, the 40-44s came out sprinting in March! Twenty-eight of a possible 120 top-10 spots went to this group! Shelly "I don't" MacPhail many obstacles, Tina Parsons, Jeremy Willner, and Lance Lopez took care of business in Atlanta while Chloe Melika, Jill Griffiths, David Lawrence, and James Wyatt put on awesome performances in Vegas and Houston!

1) 35-39 (Power Rangers)

Number one again! At Vegas alone, the 35-39s compiled 17 top-10 spots (and 34 total out of a possible 120). They also took six overall wins because of the efforts of Serena Simeoli, Andrew Chabot, Olga Torres, Rachel Munoz, Vivien Tran, and Monica Johnson.  

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