Everything You Need To Know About The Spartan Forge

Everything You Need To Know About The Spartan Forge
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Spartan’s mission is to change 100 million lives by creating more resilient humans, and we're here to give you the tools to help you live the Spartan way—and help others do the same. That's where the Spartan Forge comes in.

What Is The Spartan Forge, Exactly?

Just as metal is forged, adversity shapes us and makes us stronger—which is exactly why Spartan races are so challenging.

That's also why we created the Spartan Forge, so you can track and acknowledge your accomplishments along your journey to becoming a stronger, healthier you.

The Spartan Forge is a hand-hammered steel plate that contains 20 holes and 20 individual pins. Each hole represents a goal you set, obstacle you face, mountain you climb, or life you change. With each goal or accomplishment you achieve, you'll place a pin in an empty slot. 

Forging The Path Ahead

Go ahead; get out a piece of paper and write down your 20 goals. Will you complete a Trifecta this year? Do you want to help your friend train for their first Spartan race? Set goals that are tough but reasonable—and put deadlines on them.

Use your Spartan Forge as a reminder to never settle; to push yourself and those around you. Place it where you'll see it every day: on your bedstand, office desk, next to your toothbrush, wherever.

All it took was the encouragement of one gym friend to motivate Emily Walsh to try her first Spartan race—and it completely transformed her life. Is there is someone in your life who needs that push right now? As we blaze ahead on our mission to change 100 million lives, we need your help. 

As you forge ahead in your own life, fill your Spartan Forge with pins to recognize and remind you of your mission.

What Happens When You Fill Your Spartan Forge?

When you have filled your Spartan Forge with all 20 pins, celebrate the transformation you've created in yourself and others. Then empty the Forge and begin a new journey.

After all, a Spartan’s work is never done. We are constantly striving to be better; it's a lifelong mission.