Starting Sunday, Spartan to Air On ESPN & ESPN2

Starting Sunday, Spartan to Air On ESPN & ESPN2
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Starting this Sunday, September 23, a five-episode series featuring Spartan championship events will be airing on ESPN and ESPN2. "Spartan: The Championship Series,” will feature action from the world's largest obstacle brand's championship events.

The series will also offer and an in-depth look at one of the world’s fastest growing sports

The first episode will feature Spartan’s North American Championship hosted in Glen Jean, W. Virginia and will broadcast this Sunday at 3pm ET on ESPN2.

"Spartan: The Championship Series" Broadcast  Schedule

September 23 ( ESPN2): West Virginia U.S Spartan Race Championship (1hr) 3-4PM EST
December 30 (ESPN): Spartan Legacy (1hr) + Spartan World Championships (1hr) 1-2PM EST 2-3PM EST
January 6(ESPN) Team World Championships (1hr) + Adaptive Racing (1hr) 1-2PM EST 2-3PM EST

“Spartan athletes are among the most skilled on the planet, and the sport of OCR continues to grow, so it's only natural we would find a home with ESPN, the leader in sports entertainment,” said Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena.

According to De Sena, the episodes—with race coverage, feature profiles and interviews—“will display the intense drama that unfolds on the race course as competitors push their minds and bodies to the limit.”

Spartan Pro Alyssa Hawley completes the Fire Jump before crossing the finish line during the Spartan U.S. National series. The first episode of “Spartan: The Championship Series” airs Sunday, September 23 at 3pm ET on ESPN2.