What Does it take to be a Better Human?

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Introducing the All-New Spartan Better Human Series

What does it take to be one of the best athletes in the world? Not only a champion in terms of endurance, strength, and speed — but also an athlete whose mental prowess helps them to power through when their body feels broken, beaten, and done? What does it take to be a better human?

These are the questions explored by Spartan World Champion winners and elite competitors in the all-new, inspiring, two-part digital series entitled Better Humans

These unmissable episodes focus on the thrilling 2017 Spartan World Championship in Tahoe, California, which featured one of the most competitive elite line-ups ever in the history of the WC. 

15,000 athletes competed across the two days. But on Saturday morning, OCR legend and two-time Spartan World Champion, Hobie Call, defending Women’s Champion, Zuzana Kocumov, and many other previous title holders including Cody Moat, Robert Killan, and Amelia Boone, battled for the top podium position in the 13-mile Elite event. 

Spartan Better Human Series: Episode 1

Episode 1 begins with Spartan CEO Joe DeSena’s original vision of creating a life-changing sporting experience. 

In the palpable passion and purpose of that vision, a new breed of athlete was born. As the episode’s extraordinary behind-the-scenes training footage shows, this athlete is not just physically fit and mentally strong, but one of the most “complete athletes” on the planet.

They’re also the most committed. They have to be. And every year that commitment is put to the test on one of the most challenging courses on the OCR calendar – the Spartan World Championships in Tahoe

Spartan Better Human Series: Episode 2 Airs TODAY

The second episode takes viewers back to Squaw Valley, Tahoe, September 2017. Podium placers and previous winners recall what was going through their minds at critical moments during the 34-obstacle race. 

Who did they need to watch out for?  

How would their training pay off? 

Would this year, this time, prove that they were not just a better human, but the best? 

Alongside the insights from the elite competitors, the episode features probing commentary from top OCR pundits. Following these world-class racers throughout their careers, these experts know their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how an unforgiving course like Tahoe can break even the best.  

Whether you were there or not. Whether you know the outcome, Spartan’s Better Humans gives you a unique opportunity into how a vision of encouraging people to become better, stronger versions of themselves has evolved into a world-renowned obstacle course racing brand, changing sport forever, and now balanced on the cusp of becoming a likely 2024 Olympic event.   


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