Serena Slams Spartan SoCal

Serena Slams Spartan SoCal
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Tennis superstar Serena Williams jumped in the season opening Spartan Race in SoCal this past weekend. Global media checked in.

CBS noted “Williams pulled out of the Australian Open this year, but she hasn't been resting on her laurels.”

“All-star mom!” said the Daily Mail. “Serena Williams competes in grueling Spartan race with husband Alexis Ohanian five months after giving birth.”

< USA Today considered it a leap back into being a kid again. “Even one of the best athletes in the world had to channel her inner strength — and childhood sports — for a Spartan race.”

ESPN W said in their report “Joined by her husband, Alexis Ohanian, and other friends, the group ran, jumped in mud, flipped over obstacles, climbed ropes and did everything else such an intense race entails." Then editorializing:“Can you imagine being covered in mud and sweat and looking at the person next to you, and it's -- Serena Williams?!? I honestly cannot, but I hope the people this actually happened to appreciated this moment.”

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