Ryan Michler: 3 Life Lessons

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What does it mean to be a man? Ryan Michler, creator and host of the "Order of Man" Podcast, is studying that question. He’s not doling out advice from a pedestal, but from a near decade long struggle to get his life, and marriage, in order. One thing he discovered was that the best men don’t put up a front of invincibility. Do the things that scare you, not to convince yourself that you’re brave and valorous, but because this is the fast track to growth and self knowledge. Find out exactly what it takes to be a great human, this Spartan Up!

Lessons 1. If you want to help others, start by getting your own house is in order. 2. The position of strength is one of humility: knowing what you don’t know, admitting it, and being eager to learn. 3. Give yourself permission to experiment, to fail and grow through the process.

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