Resting Your Mind | Spartan Mind #9

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As a Spartan, resting your body is part of the training program. You rest to reduce the risk of injury, increase performance, and avoid burnout. Your mind, like your body, deserves the same level of attention and mental rest is essential for the very same reasons you rest your body. Resting your mind with intention and purpose gives your mental faculties greater clarity and availability for focus when you return to the task at hand.

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- Your mind needs rest so you avoid burnout and have greater clarity and focus.
- Remember that resting your mind is not ‘doing nothing’ - it is doing something purposeful and effortful that moves you towards the goal of mental toughness.
- Use these three tactics to help rest your mind:
  1. Plan your rest with intention.
  2. Get out of this world with a book, movie, art or other creative medium.
  3. Inform someone of your intention to rest so they can help keep you accountable.


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