Solve Problems the Bio-Tech Way

Solve Problems the Bio-Tech Way
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How are your problem solving skills? And what does it take to solve complicated and seemingly insurmountable challenges?

When it comes to problem solving skills, Dr. Jeff Karp, Principal Investigator of Karp Lab & Harvard Medical School professor,  believes the answer is a multidisciplinary approach. Surround yourself with experts who have expertise you don’t with a variety of skills and backgrounds. Karp explains to Joe De Sena how his team applied their problem solving system to a specific challenge around brain cancer. It’s a system and process that can be applied to any puzzle. He is committed to developing the “next generation bioengineers at the forefront of regenerative medicine.” When you face Spartan challenges and obstacles as look for creative solutions.  Collaborate and find new approaches to conquer our goals.

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Problem Solving Skills From Dr. Jeff Karp

- Always continue to learn
- Ask lots of questions and seek those that have the answers
- Validate those around you by allowing them to contribute
- Surround yourself with mission-driven people who have expertise varied from your own
- Focus on helping people and being a good mentor- give back to the next generation!
- Mistakes, even those on the stage, teach you

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    0:00 Col. Nye, Johnny Waite & Dr. L introduce Dr. Jeff Karp

    1:00 Elevate beak

    1:25 Interview with Joe & Dr. Karp begins - medical lab design at Harvard

    2:30 starting six companies

    4:00 multidisciplinary problem solving

    5:45 developing a new approach to brain cancer

    8:20 going “all in”

    10:00 breaking down dogmas  

    11:45 meeting people in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

    13:15 constantly be experimenting

    13:50 31 Habits of Health Spartans: #7 “Tell Someone”

    14:55  Elevate break

    16:50 Interview continues: Joe tells the tale of Spartan Tea

    18:00 Learning from a big mistake at a TEDMED talk about bioinspiration

    21:00 Giving feedback to CNN & taking risks

    26:00 Three things everyone should do

    26:55 Colonel Nye, Johnny Waite and Dr. L discuss how to integrate Dr. Jeff Karp’s insights

    34:30 Elevate Break

    35:00 close


    Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

    Hosts: Joe De Sena, Johnny Waite,Colonel Nye & guest host Dr. L (Sefra Alexandra was on expedition in the South Pacific)

    Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra

    Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty

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