How to Do Plyometric Push-Ups for Power

How to Do Plyometric Push-Ups for Power
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Plyometric Push-Ups For Power and More:

  1. Adding a plyometric element to push-ups helps you build power and speed.
  2. They will help you prepare for certain Spartan obstacles.
  3. You can mix these in with a slate of different styles of push-ups to optimize your training.

Why Plyometric Push-ups?

Push-ups can be as easy or as hard as you want them to be. They can be done anywhere, by anyone, regardless of fitness level. Plyometric push-ups have additional dimensions.

Push-ups are known more as a sheer strength builder. But they can easily be adapted into an exercise that helps you develop power, coordination and activates more fast-twitch muscle fiber.

When building sheer, explosive power, more dynamic push-ups are an essential element to include in your Spartan toolbox of push-up variations.


Here are some similar exercises that are frequently featured in the Spartan Workout of the Day:

Standard Push-up
Decline Push-up
Single Leg Push-up

    Pointers for Plyometric Push-ups

    Plyometric push-ups will prepare you for the following Spartan obstacles:

    - Barbed Wire Crawl
    - Tire Flip

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